Sin incurred due to cow slaughtering and atonement for them

A spiritual perspective on sin incurred due to cow slaughtering

Today 2.40 crore cows and cattle are slaughtered per year in India. Some non-vegetarians feel that if they eat meat when the animal is ethically killed, it is okay, as opposed to some cultures where animals die a slow death with their throats partially slit. Let us see some other concepts in relation to killing,

  • God is the only creator Who is also part of His creation. In other words, the God principle exists in varying proportions both in inanimate objects and in living beings.
  • Depending on the proportion of the God principle, each person, animal and plant may have different proportions of Sattva, Raja and Tama. One incurs a greater sin by killing Sattva predominant beings as it reduces the overall amount of sāttvikta or spiritual purity in society. On the other hand, one incurs less sin if one kills a being that is Tama predominant and especially if it is affecting society negatively.
  • Killing a living being that is helpful to mankind incurs a higher sin as opposed to those living beings that are not. Generally all animals that are helpful or have an affinity for the human race are Sattva-Raja predominant and hence have a higher level of sattvikta as compared to others.
  • One incurs more sin if one tortures a person or animal while performing the act of killing regardless of customs and traditions that one adheres to.

Relative amount of sin incurred on cow slaughter

Grave sin by killing sattvik animal – Cow

The Indian cow is the most sattvik animal and is equivalent in sattvika to a person at the spiritual level of 30%. More importantly, the Indian cow also has the Divine ability to radiate Deity principles (that reside in it) into the environment. Hence one incurs a grave sin by killing such an animal which makes the environment sattvik and also gives us milk that is the most sattvik drink. Hence the relative amount of sin incurred on slaughtering Indian Cow is 45-55 %.

Percentage sin incurred on cow slaughter

In the case of the slaughter of the Indian cow or other animals, the people killing the animal incur 50% of the sin while the people eating it incur the other 50%. The latter 50% is not divided among the people that partake of the meat of that animal. Instead each person eating the meat incurs a sin which is equivalent to 50% of the overall sin of killing an animal.

If a living being has 30% or more of the Divine Principle than those who come into contact with such a person or animal, they benefit from the Divine Principle emitted. The Divine Principle is more than 30% only in cows, seekers and Saints. Therefore those coming in contact with them benefit from the Principle emitted from them. Hence the maximum sin is incurred by those who kill them.

Repurcussions of sins incurred related to killing a cow and atonement for them

By killing a cow we have to undergo the following in our next birth.

  • Serious digestive system disorders like sprue, severe abdominal pain, which can cause death.
  • It can also cause skin disorders
  • It can cause disorders of reproductive system like infertility.

How to atone for the sin incurred due to slaughtering a cow?

For killing a cow one has to take the following atonements – Having control on one’s mind and senses for one month, having Panchagavya, sleeping in a cow ranch, taking care of cows, giving away a cow as charity. (Reference: Sanatan’s granth ‘Sins, merits and atonement for it.’)