First devout Hindus, now Sadhus – unabated killings a conspiracy to finish Hindus !

Maharashtra which is known as a land of Saints and Sages is now witnessing a blood bath of Sadhus. Only a few days  after the gruesome murders of 2 Sadhus in Palghar another Sadhu was killed in Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh). Immediately thereafter, a near-fatal attack took place on one Sadhu in Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Now, reports from Nanded District are pouring in that Sadguru Nirvanrudra Pashupati Shivacharya Maharaj and his sevak were murdered at midnight. The killings of Sadhus who serve and provide direction to society without any expectation, and are the epitome of sacrifice, is extremely painful and infuriating. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti expresses its strong protest over these incidents. Many Hindu Sadhus are being selectively killed and brutally attacked not only in Maharashtra but also all over the country. Earlier, sinister conspiracies were hatched to kill devout Hindus in various states; now, a similar conspiracy is being hatched to kill Hindu Sadhus. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demands that a thorough investigation should be carried out to find out who is behind these killings.

It is apparent that the murderers of Sadhus have no fear of the Government or law. The society is angered with the unabated killings of Sadhus. The Government should legislate a stringent Act to prevent such killings. Similarly, immediate investigations should be conducted to find out the conspirators and arrest them promptly. The Samiti has demanded that the perpetrators of these ghastly crimes should be severely punished.

Whenever a Muslim is killed any where for any reason, the alliance of Communists and Muslims paints it as ‘Mob-lynching’. Similarly, so-called rationalists, progressives and ‘Award-wapsi’ gang cry themselves hoarse about the incident; however, they keep mum over the killings of Hindu Sadhus. Nobody returns awards, nobody calls it a mob-lynching, nobody says that they are scared to reside in India. This selective outrage is unfortunate. We are also protesting against those keeping mum about the killings of Hindu Sadhus. We  appeal to the Hindu community to raise their voice in a legal way against the killings of Sadhus.

#StopAttackingSaffron trends as Netizens protest against attacks on Hindu Saints and Sages and suppression of Hindu society

We are witnessing continuous increase in attacks on Hindu saints and Hindus in society, insult of Hindu deities and culture, Police and administration trying to suppress Hindus by taking unwarranted action for sporting saffron flags on their shops and vehicles. All these things are happening even though Hindus are majority in India and most of the media channels and pseudo-seculars are ignoring them. Recently Police in Indur (Nizamabad, Telangana) took action against HJS activists distributing fruits and soft drinks (Sharbat) with prior permission of ACP.

As a result of this situation, netizens took to Twitter to raise their concerns and started tweeting with hashtag #StopAttackingSaffron

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