Are mosque loudspeakers more important than laws of this country ? : HJS

Police are scared to remove loudspeakers from mosques despite High Court orders !

Mumbai High Court has passed a clear verdict against unauthorized loudspeakers on mosques causing noise pollution but Mumbai police, claimed to be one of the best machinery in the world, has not taken action against any unauthorized loudspeaker on even a single mosque. On making query under Right to Information (RTI) Act, police officers from Kurla, Mumbai have given a reply in writing on 28th January 2017 that no action has been taken (against unauthorized loudspeakers) since that might create law and order problem. It means that police are scared to take action against unauthorized loudspeakers despite Court’s orders. The same police, who overlook noise pollution created on all 365 days in a year, are however, promptly in filing cases against Hindus during their festivals like ‘Ganeshotsav’ and ‘Navaratrotsav’ by intimidating them. Are police accepting that unauthorized loudspeakers on mosques are more powerful than the order of honorable Court and Indian laws ? Therefore, the feelings expressed by famous playback singer Sonu Nigam as ‘the ‘azan’ hooted through loudspeakers on mosques which disturb people’s sleep is a kind of hooliganism….’ is the truth. The Government should not try patience of billions of Hindu citizens in this country.

The Government should ask Mullahs, who are opposing to change Shariat in the context of 3 ‘talak’ since it is followed right from the foundation of Islam, that when loudspeaker was not even invented at that time, then why are they so insistent ? As per Mullahs, Islam is a Sect which has empathy towards others, then why do they want ‘azan’ through loudspeakers by violating laws of this country when it is troubling patients, old people and ordinary citizens? Earlier Congress Government had granted permission for fitting loudspeakers on mosques and created this problem. Now, there is change in government at the country as well as in the State; so new BJP Government should put curb over such appeasement. The communist Government in China has taken a strict stand on this issue. BJP Government should also squash such hooliganism going on in unauthorized manner, is the appeal made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


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