Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Shirsi (Karnataka)

Participate in the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra with your mind, body and money ! – Shri. Pundalik Pai, a devout Hindu 

From left – Kum. Revati Moger, Kum. Nagamani Achar, Shri. Vijay Revankar and Shri. Pundalik Pai

Shirasi (Karnataka) : All like-minded organizations should come together and stage demonstrations to fight against injustice in different departments such as health, education and police. All Hindus should stage demonstrations with unity every month and take active part in establishment of Hindu Rashtra by offering their mind, body and money, appealed Shri. Pundalik Pai, a devout Hindu while addressing Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha) recently held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) at Shri Vidyadhiraj Kalashetra. Shri. Vijay Revankar of HJS, Kum. Nagamani Achar of Sanatan Sanstha and Kum. Revati Moger of Ranaragini Division also addressed the ‘sabha’.

Dharmacharan’ is the only solution for protection of nation and Dharma ! – Kum. Nagamani Achar, Sanatan Sanstha

Today’s youth celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’. Western culture teaching narrow-minded love by celebrating ‘Day’s cannot stand before Hindu culture that teaches the whole world is like our house and family. The culture which advocates such expansive principle is the most supreme in the world. Blind imitation of western culture is the cause of present pathetic condition of nation and Dharma; therefore, every Hindu abiding by Sanatan Hindu Dharma, is the only solution for protection of nation and Dharma.

Let us demand Hindu Rashra ! – Shri. Vijay Revankar, HJS     

Pakistan is providing money to separatists from Kashmir for pelting stones at Indian soldiers. Will the politicians show guts to stop those terrorists ? We must insist for declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra.


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