Few fake Naga-sadhus maligning Hindu Dharma by their improper acts at Ujjain

Naga sadhus wearing colourful attire drawing attention of people 


Ujjain : Every day, millions of devotees are visiting Simhastha Parva which is celebrated in every 12th year at Kumbh-kshetra Ujjain and despite severe heat, lack of proper transport and other problems, faith of devotees is taking them to visit different akharas, have darshan of Sadhus-Saints, go to different camps etc. Among them are Naga-sadhus who have erected tents on the bank of River Kshipra. They are drawing attention of lot of devotees; but if one tries to find ou reasons behind such attention, devout Hindus would feel ashamed. It has depicted distorted picture of Hindu Saints; devotees making mockery of them. People come here with so much of devotion and these Naga-sadhus are creating negative place and disgust amongst devotees.


Few points noted about Naga-sadhus at Simhastha Parva Ujjain are given below !

1. Few Naga-sadhus have tied a bell to their private parts and its string was given to people for pulling.

2.One of these Naga-sadhus started reciting ‘aartis’ in the evening with such bell tied by him on his private parts. This sadhu was standing on road playing ‘damru’ in one hand and shaking his body to ring bell tied on his private part. Lot of people had gathered to see him.

3. Another Naga-sadhu on the way from Mullapur to Ram-ghat had tied a key-chain to his private part which had LED bulb. He was standing near a screen outside tent drawing attention of men, women and young girls. People were looking at him and making mockery of him.

4. This Naga-sadhu also stands naked in front of women and girls coming from Mullapura to Ram-ghat, as a result, women feel awkward and pass by with bowed heads.

5. One naked sadhu sits on a chair in the middle of the road openly showing his private parts.

6. A person was clicking photo of a Naga sadhu, who had wrapped a towel around him. Before taking photo, he said to that person to wait so that he could remove his towel.

7. Few people were touching private parts of Naga –sadhus who had tied bells and paying obeisance with folded hands.

8. Few Naga sadhus were wearing Rayban’s goggles and round caps for taking photographs with people.

9. One Naga sadhu was taking ‘selfie’ on his cell phone.

10. Few Naga sadhus were wearing colourful attire to draw people’s attention.

11. Some of them were calling passersby and sweeping them with peacock feathers; blessing them; extracting money from them.

12. Naga sadhus were posing in a different ways when photographers were clicking their photographs.

13. Some photographers from other countries were giving them money and these sadhus were allowing them to take photographs, giving special poses. If a photographer didn’t offer money to them, they were going after such photographers, with stick to beat them.

Will akharas and main akhara organization take any action against these so-called sadhus ?

Naga Sadhus used to be an army with ‘Brahma and Kshatra Tej’ created by Adya Shankaracharya for protection of nation and Dharma ! They have contributed in protection of nation and Dharma in many battles with the help of their knowledge of ‘Mantra-Vidya’ and ‘Shastra (weapon) – vidya’. Some of the Naga sadhus are, however, maligning name of those Naga sadhus who fought against unrighteousness with their ‘Brahma-Tej’ and ‘Kshatra-Tej’ and are also defaming own selves. There is a possibility of few anti-Hindus purposely doing these things to defame Naga-sadhus. Will ‘akharas’ and the main organization controlling all ‘akharas’ take any action against such Naga-sadhus who, instead of fighting against attacks on Dharma, are increasing unrighteousness with their improper behaviour.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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