Issue of woman going to Shani Mandir needs to be handled from spiritual angle ! – Dr. Uday Dhuri

Discussion session on ‘Mi Marathi’ channel on the topic ‘Whether it is right to allow women in ‘Devasthanas’

Mumbai : Issue of whether a woman should go to temple or not, needs to be looked at from spiritual and religious angles; but there is no compulsion on anyone in this context. If hemoglobin in blood is to be checked, I am allowed to eat anything; but if ESR in blood is to be checked, I have to fast. Blood is same but its checking method differs depending upon the constituents to be checked; similarly, one has to follow rules of the place, stated Dr. Uday Dhuri, spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while expressing his point during a discussion program held on ‘Mi Marathi’ TV channel on the above topic. Besides Dr. Uday Dhuri, Prof. Aruna Pendase, political analyst, Sou. Vidya Chavan, spokesperson of NCP, Shri. Sayaram Bankar, Trustee of Shri. Shani-Shinganapur Temple Trust and Ravindra Ambekar, Editor of this channel were the other participants.

Dr. Dhuri stated further that ….

  1. The function of every Deity in this Universe is different. Similar rule applies to even our body. Eye will carry out its function; ears will do their job. Even if my mind decides that I would not watch certain program, my eyes would watch it. Like body limbs, even other constituents of this Universe also do their job.
  2. It should be first understood that ‘Dharma-shastra’ does not work as per your wish. You may say anything very angrily with progressive thoughts or from social viewpoint; rules of Dharma-shatra will not change.
  3. Shani Shingapur is a Deity; but anyone comes here and says it is all a shame and starts criticizing it. I want to tell these people that the claims made by them about mind, intellect and ego, are required to be first found . Only because their five gross sensory organs do not see something, should they start criticizing ?
  4. Shani Deity does the function of removing one’s distress created due to planetary position, problems faced due to our past deeds etc. One gets different experiences as per one’s ‘bhav’.
  5. Shani, Ayyappa are ‘Brahmachari’ Deities. A ‘Brahmachari’ comes to your house and asks for ‘bhiksha’ which he requests to give in such a way that he is not touched by a woman; so a man from the house can give ‘bhiksha’ instead of woman. Here, the man will not say that I would do what I want in my house and make my wife only give ‘bhiksha’.
  6. People of any caste/ religion go to ‘Shani Devata’s place; which you can go and check for yourself.
  7. There are ‘Upasana –kaanda’, ‘Karma-kaanda’ and ‘Dnyaan-kaanda’ for undertaking spiritual practice. When one wants to do something as per ‘Karma-kaanda’, the associated rules have to be followed e.g. related to touching the Deity-idol etc.
  8. The thought and consideration given to a woman and her position in Hindu Dharma is unbeatable and nobody has given so much thought to woman in any other religion in the world. Gargi, Maitreyi had learnt ‘Vedas’ as per Hindu Dharma.
  9. This world is run based on three basic components viz. ‘Sattva’, ‘Raja’ and ‘Tama’. One cannot see these elements. When we eat food, we cannot see the digestion process going on in the body; but it is taking place; similar is the case with ‘Tri-gunas’.
  10. Only devotees will keep temples clean and pure; therefore, hand over management of all temples to devotees.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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