Auspicious beginning of Hindu Unity in Chopda Dharma-sabha

By Staff Reporter

Chopda (Maharashtra): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) organized a meeting in this small city with an objective of creating awareness among Hindus towards their Dharma and uniting Hindus. The ‘Dharma-sabha’ held at Shabaridham was attended by about 3700 devout Hindus and it set an auspicious beginning of Hindu unity. In this meeting, 9 resolutions were passed to make Hindus active and work for their Nation and Dharma.

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

Inauguration of Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting samai

The sabha started with lighting of lamp by Pujya Narayanacharyaji Swami. Shri. Yashapal Wadkar gave an account of the activities and achievements of HJS followed with the felicitation of religious leaders Pujya Narayanacharyaji Swami, Pujya Datta Appa Maharaj of Hinchagiri Ashram, Karnataka, great revolutionary and spokesperson of Dharma Pujya Mahant Baba Mahahansji, besides other speakers from Sanatan Sanstha and HJS.

Honarary Speakers present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

Honarary Speakers present for Dharmajagruti Sabha

Speeches of Dignitaries

The day Hindus clench their fists against terrorism, terrorism will be drowned in Arabian Sea – Pujya Datta Appa Maharaj

If all citizens of this country are our brothers, their mother has to be the same. Bharatmata, Gangamata and Goumata should be revered by one and all and the one who does not feel so, is not my brother but my enemy. If you feel scared, terrorism would surge up and if Hindus clench their fists against terrorism, terrorism will be drowned in the Arabian Sea. Descendents of Muslims who ruled over this country for over 1000 years and the British ruling this country for 150 years are presently in power in India. It is necessary to topple such rule.

Crisis of conversions has to be dealt with sternly – Pujya Mahant Baba Mahahansji

Muslims used swords for attack; Christians talk sweetly and play with sentiments of people for carrying out conversions. Christians are the root cause of attacks on Hindu culture through conversions. In the books provided in tribal schools, there is picture of Mother Theresa. Christians tried to serve the poor in this country with an ulterior motive of converting them. Conversion poses a great threat and should be dealt with strictly.

Heretics should be given good thrashing – Ramesh Shinde

The name of this place i.e. ‘Chopda’ has an answer for attacks by anti-Hindus. We should give them a good thrashing. HJS has set an ideal of Chhatrapati Shivaji before them. Stones were pelted from mosque at a rally taken out in Jalagaon. Why should only we believe in secularism? You tell them sternly that if they do not allow rally to pass by a mosque, then even we would not tolerate ‘baang’ from the mosques 5 times during the day. It is necessary for Hindus to unite and fight against aggression by Christians and Muslims.

If one does individual spiritual practice seriously, only then can one work for ‘samashti’ – Vinay Panawalkar

Moral values observed by people and society have completely changed in present times. Everyone thinks only about his personal welfare. The only way to change this attitude is spiritual practice. Things done like performing ‘puja’, going to temple, meditation are known as part of ‘vyashti sadhana’ whereas telling people about importance of spiritual practice and undertaking something for their spiritual progress is known as ‘samashti sadhana’. Sanatan Sanstha guides people in both the respects.

We must find out our identity as Hindus – Pujya Narayanacahryaji Swami

Our culture is a gift from our sages. Westerners are trying to follow our culture. They have realized the importance of sadhana and spirituality. Till now, we have been ruled by Muslims and the Christians as per their wish. Now at least we must think from the viewpoint of preserving identity of our Dharma. If we do not think about it now, we will not be able to live. All Hindus have become lifeless. We can not awaken someone who is pretending to sleep.

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