Lack of facilities and security for Hindus despite being majority in the country is a constitutional injustice! ! – Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale

‘Hindu Rashtra Convention’ organised by HJS at Delhi for North India !

Sadguru Dr. Charudatta Pingale

Delhi – Under India’s secular governance, Hindus are not allowed to teach their Dharma. The Government can take over the management of only Hindus’ temples but doesn’t give any facilities to Hindus which are given to non-Hindus. India should first be declared as a Hindu Nation for extending facilities to minorities. Depriving Hindus of facilities and protection is a Constitutional injustice to Hindus. The majority population doesn’t get its rights even though there is democracy in India, stated Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale, the National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) in his address at the recently organised Hindu Rashtra Convention at Delhi in an atmosphere full of divine energy. It was the last Convention held in a series of Conventions organised in many districts in North India in the last two months.

The other dignitaries, who addressed this convention on various topics, were ‘Sushri’ Arati Agrawal on ‘Hindu Genocide’; Mr Ravi Ranjan Singh, a human rights activist on ‘Halal certification’; Dr Rinku Vadhera, a scholar of Hindu Dharma on the family system, and Jyoti Kaul on the opposition to the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. Advocate Yudhaveer Singh Chauhan gave information about various attacks on Dharma and the following legal battles. Advocate Amita Sachdeva spoke about various activities undertaken by ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad’.

Sadguru Dr Charudatta Pingale said further,

1. In the year 1976, India was declared a secular country by imposing an emergency in an undemocratic way.

2. The communists say that they are atheists, non-Hindu communists always follow their religion; therefore, is it only Hindus who give up their own Dharma after becoming a communist and atheist ?

3. The Constitution says that all citizens have equal rights, then why were the rights of majority Hindus were given to minorities instead of Hindus ? Why is the Parliament not giving the Hindu Nation to the majority Hindus ?

4. There is still no definition of the word ‘secularism’ in the Constitution. Today, we cannot protect our temples and Dharma. It is, therefore, necessary to find out the conspiracy being hatched against us. The Constitution has given a right to every citizen to follow his/her own Dharma, then where is the need for us to be secular ?  Is it only to mislead Hindus ?

The rights conferred on Wakf Boards are a kind of oppression of majority population of Hindus in this country ! – Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, Supreme Court and spokesperson of ‘Hindu Front for Justice’

Under the guise of secularism, the Wakf Board has been given parallel rights as are with the Government. As per Wakf law, Muslims can declare any land as the land of Wakf. If anyone has an objection to it, its hearing will be held before a Muslim officer of the Waqf Board under the Wakf Law. It cannot be heard in any common Indian Court which is oppression of Hindus in this country.

Halal products are harmful to this country! – Ravi Ranjan Singh, Human Rights activist

The size of the halal economy has reached 8 lakh crores in the world which is very dangerous for India. It is, therefore, necessary to oppose, with unity, all halal products. We should check the halal stamp on a product when we check the expiry date of any product. Halal products are harmful to this country just as it is written on a liquor bottle that it is harmful to health.

Feminism is trying to destroy the Indian family system! – Dr Rinku Vadhera

To destroy the Indian family system and convert them under the guise of woman’s rights is the main purpose of feminism. ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon Prime’ show films on teenage sex. What kind of ‘sanskars would be inculcated in children with such films? These films are impressing upon Hindus that the family system is not important; therefore, it is necessary to keep our children connected to our Dharma.

The wrong mentality is being created amongst Hindus that convent schools are the best! – Kumar Chelappan, senior journalist, daily ‘the Pioneer’

Several incidents of child oppression are happening in the States like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Among such incidents, however, if the accused is a Muslim or a Christian, the media tries to protect them by hiding such news. Now, many villages are being converted. It is impressed upon people that convent schools are the best schools,, but we can start schools for Hindus and impart the valuable knowledge of our Dharma to them. We can make them good engineers, doctors, etc., and preserve our Hindu culture through them.

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