Imparting Dharmashikshan to Hindus



Understand the significance of the Hindu Dharma

ppdr_gambhirAllopathy treats symptoms, while Ayurveda treats the root cause of any ailment. Similarly, Christian missionaries give superficial remedies, such as if you become a Christian, Jesus will alleviate your sufferings, and they also provide monetary assistance. Such remedies do not alleviate the sufferings of humans due in this birth; poverty cannot be wiped out. Even if an individual benefits a little, he will have to suffer the remaining destiny in future births. As against this, the spiritual practice advised by Hindu Dharma eliminates the root cause of all suffering. Hence, along with financial problems, other problems are also overcome and simultaneously, spiritual progress too takes place.’ – H. H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale, Source of inspiration for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

1. Impart Dharmashikshan to Hindus

The main reason for conversions of not just tribal Hindus, but Hindus at all levels is their ignorance about Hindu Dharma. To remove this ignorance, arrangement to impart Dharmashikshan to Hindus everywhere is required in every town, temple and school. With religious education, Hindus will abide by their Dharma and consequently, they will get the spiritual experience of its greatness. Such spiritual experiences will help develop pride in Hindu Dharma amongst Hindus and consequently, they will not fall prey to conversions.


2. Creating sanskars of Dharma on children from their childhood

Hindus should regularly teach their children stotras (Hymns) such as Ramraksha, Hanumanstotra and shlokas such as ‘Karagre vasate Lakshmi’, ‘Shubham karoti’, ‘Vadani kaval gheta’ etc. – all associated with good conduct. By narrating incidents from the Holy texts Ramayan and Mahabharat love for Dharma should be inculcated in them. If these sanskars that make children self-reliant are not impressed upon them in childhood, they will not learn them in their adulthood either. After conversions, however, they do begin to offer ‘namaz’ or ‘prayers’ with sincerity.

3. Awakening Hindus on an extensive scale

Another way of preventing conversions is to create extensive awareness among Hindus about the perverted history of non-Hindus attacking their culture and Dharma, the problems faced by converts with time and the harm caused to the society, the country and religion because of conversions. The mission of creating awareness among Hindus can be performed as follows.

A. Creating awareness by writing letters and articles to newspapers on conversions.

B. Creating awareness on these dangers through programmes, pamphlets, booklets, posters etc. in schools, colleges, offices, women’s groups, community groups, professional centres, religious festivals of local Deities etc.

C. Creating awareness among Hindus that ‘prayer meetings’, ‘healing meets’ etc. are actually organised to convert them; hence, they should not participate in them.

D. Meeting and dissuading Hindus who intend to convert to another religion.

4. Boycott schools and colleges of other religious orders

Schools and colleges of other religious orders take Hindu students away from their own Dharma and teach them to behave as per their religion. Hence, there is a high risk of the future Hindu generations getting converted by studying in such educational institutions. That is why, every Hindu should boycott such schools and colleges of other religious orders, and should send their children to Hindu schools and colleges.

5. Instilling fear in non-Hindus on trying to convert Hindus

‘Purifying converted Hindus is a remedy on preventing the rapid conversions of Hindus; but uniting so as to instill fear in those who convert Hindus, is an even more effective remedy on this problem.’ – Dr. Jayant Athavale, Founder, Sanatan Sanstha. (2.4.2007)

6. O Hindus ! Become preachers of the unique Hindu Dharma !

6 A. Pledge to turn into reality the motto of the Sages –

‘कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम्’ which means ‘Let us make this world Aryan, meaning virtuous !

Muslims say, ‘Let us Islamise the entire world’. The Christians say, ‘In this century, we will bring the entire world to the feet of Jesus’. Both are continuing their efforts in this direction. Hindus say, कृण्वन्तो विश्वम् आर्यम् (Let us make this world Aryan, meaning virtuous), but they do not make any efforts in this direction. Such inactivity will be detrimental to the very existence of Hindus. O Hindus ! If you wish to live with dignity, take Dharmashikshan (Education on Dharma) and pledge to take to preaching Hindu Dharma, awakening of Hindus and protecting Dharma. Some steps in this direction are given ahead.

2. Taking Dharmashikshan of own volition

By receiving Dharmashikshan of own volition, you will realise the importance of Hindu Dharma. Comprehending the importance of Hindu Dharma will enhance your religious pride and you will be able to preach Hindu Dharma effectively. Hence, by attending satsangs of the spiritual organisations like the Sanatan Sanstha, studying Holy texts on Spirituality published by the Sanatan Sanstha etc. obtain Dharmashikshan.

3. Propagating Hindu Dharma

A. Paint matter imparting Dharmashikshan and elucidating the greatness of Hindu Dharma on the walls of your house and shop in a manner that it is visible to the public.

B. Offer space and monetary aid to organisations that conduct campaigns on Dharmashikshan such as ‘Dharmashikshan classes’, Balsanskarvarg (Moral education class for children).

C. Exhibit boards prepared by ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ that impart Dharmashikshan at public places and in temples.

4. Awakening Hindus

A. Display matter that creates awakening about the Nation and Dharma in Hindus every day on blackboards in public places.

B. Organise exhibitions that awaken Hindus about attacks on Hindu Dharma, woes of Kashmiri Hindus etc.

C. Impart Dharmashikshan to Hindu organisations, political parties, sects etc., and appeal to them through letters and personal contacts to participate in the mission of protecting Dharma.

6 B. Exhibit the uniqueness of Hindu Dharma to the world

Christians say, ‘Jesus died on the cross and with his blood, the sins on earth were washed away’. If this claim is to be believed, then the society will feel free to sin keeping in mind that ‘there is always someone to cleanse the resultant sins’. Instead, Hindu Dharma teaches mankind not to sin at all. While Islam preaches killing of the non-believers, Hindu Dharma bestows Sagehood to Charvak, highest among the atheists. Never ever has Hindu Dharma displayed a violent attitude towards atheists. In Hindu Dharma, every aspect of life has been contemplated upon minutely. This Dharma contemplates upon the soul. It incorporates compassion, priti (Unconditional love, spiritual love devoid of expectations), expansiveness and an all-encompassing nature. This is one Dharma that leads the entire human race to the highest and continuous Anand (Bliss). It creates no religious hysteria among individuals and society. Is there any religion that portrayssuch uniqueness ?

Time has now arrived to preach the Hindu philosophy to the world. O Hindus ! Dedicate yourselves wholeheartedly to this mission of Dharma, and proclaim to the world that the unequalled Hindu Dharma only is the foundation stone of the world !

(Reference – ‘Religious conversions and Purifying the converted’ and ‘Beware of the tactics used for
religious conversions’)

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