Special online discussions on the topic of ‘Conspiracy to demean Veer Savarkar !’

Had Congress created a huge party of Hindus, the partition could have been avoided ! – Uday Mahurkar

Syed Ahmad of Aligarh Muslim University was speaking about India’s partition and establishing Islamic rule over India since 1883. Muslim League had also started organising conventions and making preparations for the same goal; when 7 years earlier, Swatantryaveer (Swa.) Savarkar had openly expressed this possibility of India’s partition. The Congress party and its leaders, however, didn’t accept it and ignored his doubt. The Congress continued its Muslim appeasement even after Muslim League started violence instead of opposing the League. Had the Congress and Hindus created a big party of Hindus as stated by Swa. Savarkar; created a strong opposition faction, India’s partition could have been avoided, stated Shri. Uday Mahurkar, the author of the book titled ‘Veer Savarkar: the man who could have prevented partition’ and the Information Commissioner of India while speaking in the special online discussions program held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on ‘The Conspiracy of demeaning Savarkar’.

Shri. Mahurkar said further that the leftists and Congressmen, the people whose ideology is based on the partition of this country, keep on hatching conspiracy to demean Savarkar since it would not be possible to divide this country further as Hindu power would be united if Savarkar’s thoughts were put into practice. They are, therefore, constantly opposing Savarkar. Shri. Ranajit Savarkar, the President of ‘Swa. Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak’ said that had Gandhi not been assassinated on 30th January, the Congress was going to be dissolved, and had the Congress been dissolved, Nehru would have lost power. ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ would have then become the second-biggest party. Savarkar was, however, falsely implicated in Gandhi’s murder case and his political existence was destroyed. There is a need to think about who was the actual beneficiary of Gandhi’s assassination.

Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of HJS said on the occasion that the new leftist entrants, who defame Savarkar for his seeking pardon, do not study the history. Comrade Dange, the founder of the Communist Party in India had stated in his amnesty letter written to the British that ‘…I have never been disloyal to the British and will not be so even in the future. I am your servant.’ The communists should actually feel ashamed of it. Owing to Savarkar’s amnesty letter, hundreds of Indian political prisoners were released. Savarkar did not accept the condition of remaining loyal to the British Government after passing the examination and taking the degree of a barrister. He had refused to accept the degree which is proof of his loyalty towards his country. Many Congress leaders had acquired barrister degrees. Why don’t the Congressmen get an explanation on this? The communist leader Lenin had stayed at ‘India House’ for 3 days with Swa. Savarkar to learn from him about revolutionary activities. The communist leaders had felicitated Swa. Savarkar,considering his work for this country. Why the present leftist thinkers don’t talk about it ?

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