Stop denigration of Shri Ganesh idols caused under the guise of preservation of the environment !

HJS demands through a memorandum submitted to the elected representatives and administration in Sindhudurga district

Sindhudurga : Hindus are being pressurised to perform few unscientific things under the guise of celebrating the eco-friendly Ganesh festival. Hindus are appealed to use idols made of paper pulp; immerse idols in artificial water tanks against the ‘Dharmashastra’. These things are not only against the preservation of the environment but they are also hurting Hindus’ religious sentiments. The denigration of Shri Ganesh idols through such things should be stopped is the demand made by HJS with the elected representatives from the district and the local government administration. Mrs Shubhangi Sathe, the Dy. District Collector at the district head office, Mr Manoj Musale, the naib tehsildar of Sawantwadi; Asavari Kelbaikar, the assistant supervisor of Sawantwadi Town Council, Malwan’s tehsildar Ajay Patane and Malwan Town Council’s Chief Officer Santosh Jirage, Mrs Priyanka Salaskar, the Mayor of Devgad- Jamsande Nagarpanchayat, Devgad’s naib tehsildar Satyawan Gawas, Kanakavali’s Mayor Samir Nalawade, and Chief Officer Avadhoot Tawade, naib tehsildar of Vengurle, Mr Nagesh Shinde and Kudal’s tehsildar Amol Pathak have been given the memorandum by HJS activists.

It has been stated in the memorandum that,

1.‘For the Ganesh festival, Shri Ganesh idols may be made of paper pulp. Idols made of paper pulp do not cause pollution, was declared by the Environment Department of Maharashtra Government without any study. In the circular issued by the Environment Department, it was stated that the use of Ganesh idols made of paper pulp should be promoted; initiative may be taken for making the idols made of paper pulp available at all places and special discounts may be given on idols made of paper pulp. The idols made of paper pulp are, however, harmful to the ecosystem; therefore, on 30th September 2016, the ‘National Green Tribunal’, Pune brought a stay order on the above guiding instructions of the Government for celebrating eco-friendly festivals. (Paper pulp absorbs oxygen from water and emits methane gas which is harmful to live beings. There is a poisonous substance known as lignin in the paper pulp made from trees. If it gets mixed in the water, it can cause a serious effect. The floating pieces of the paper pulp can get stuck in the gills of fishes leading to their death. These scientific findings show how unscientific the Government’s Environment Department is and the lack of study on its part. The administrative officers from Sindhudurga may make a note of the same and impose a ban on the use of Ganesh idols made with paper pulp to prevent pollution of water reservoirs, which is what the people feel! – Editor,  

2. The world is facing problems such as global warming; therefore, everyone has now realised the importance of the preservation of the environment. Preservation of the environment is the most essential for the good health of people. Even then, the Government-administration does not seem to be taking expected actions on many issues. It has endangered social health. Instead of finding an overall and practical solution, drives like idol-donation and immersion in artificial water tanks are undertaken. (Few corrupt officers from the administration are involved in excessive tree-cutting, uncontrolled excavation of minerals. There is a continuous increase in concrete jungles; pollution of rivers and seas has been taking place for so long but these things are overlooked by the administration and only Hindus’ festivals are targeted. Is it then wrong to call them as anti-Hindus? Does the administration interfere with non-Hindus following their customs and traditions? It is because they know the adverse effects of interfering. – Editor,  

3. Crushing Shri Ganesh’s idol with a bulldozer is an unpardonable and grave denigration of Shri Ganesh; besides, direct sale of idols without carrying out their immersion is also unpardonable. Who gave rights to these organisations to sell such idols? Carrying Deities’ idols in garbage vans is also hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

4. The administration or other non-governmental organisations should not accept idols donated to them. There shouldn’t be any restrictions on the immersion of idols in natural water resources as per the long-prevailing customs and traditions. (All customs and traditions followed by Hindus are eco-friendly. – Editor,  

5. Instead of using plaster of paris, chemical colours, and non-disintegrating components, the Government should promote the use of clay, and natural colours for making idols. The funds used for erecting artificial water tanks may be given as grants to the sculptors.

6. The government should impose a ban on making, sale, and immersion of idols made of paper pulp since it causes pollution. The Government should immediately stop promoting the use of such idols. The Government should issue circulars instructing District Collectors and the concerned officers to take strict action in this connection. The Government should encourage the use of idols made of clay and painted with natural colours.

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