Despicable attempt by NCERT to suppress bright history of Maharana Pratap !

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O Hindus, realize the anti-nationalism and Hindu-hatred of NCERT

Devout Hindus are registering their protest on the following address !

Address : Dheeraj Jandiyal, Public Relations Officer, NCERT

Telephone  No. :  91-11-26569157

Email id : [email protected]

Udaypur (Rajasthan) : In the text books set by National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for 1st to 12th standards,information on Maharana Pratap, his bravery, sacrifice etc. has been given only in 24 lines. In the past few years, NCERT and the State CERT (SCERT) have condensed the portion related to only Maharana Pratap under the guise of reducing number of pages of text books. The Council has not shown the courtesy of publishing even a picture of Maharana Pratap. In the text books for 8th to 10th standard, there is his reference only in 12 to 15 lines. On inspecting 25 books on the subject of ‘Social Science’ for 6th to 10th standard, this observation was made.The above news has been published on the website of newspaper called ‘Dainik Bhaskar’.

The local historians and citizens have expressed displeasure over the matter. (These people should not stop at expressing displeasure; but they should give lawful fight to teach a lesson to these anti-Hindu council. – Editor SP)

Many people told me about this matter. Maharana Pratap is not glorified only in Mewad but in the whole country. I will discuss the issue of neglecting Maharana Pratap’s history with the Chief Minister and Education Minister,” said State Sports Minister, Mangilal Garasia. (Remember that the promise given by Congress rulers with the mentality like Aurangzeb, is only to misguide citizens ! – Editor SP) 

For 2012-13 educational year, in the text books published by NCERT and SCERT, there is no separate lesson on Maharana Pratap
; but history related to Maharana Pratap is given only in few lines. When Mr. B. S. Sandu, a senior officer was asked about the same, he replied, “I don’t know anything; I’ll have to see the book; only then I can tell.”

The chief officers of both the institutions tried to pass on the responsibility in the matter. “The State and Central Government take decision about text books; but the final decision is taken by the State Government. SCERT plays an important role in this matter. The information about Maharana Pratap has been given only with some reference to context and its responsibility is of the State Government,” said Mr. Hemant Kumar, a senioir officer of NCERT. (Would Mr. Kumar give an answer in such indifferent manner if the issue was pertaining to some Mughal Sultan? And even if he had, would his reply been accepted by pro-Muslim Congress rulers and Muslims? – Editor SP) 

What is there in the text book?

  • Maharana Pratap’s fight for Mewad’s freedom in just 7lines
  • War of Haldighat in just 6 lines
  • Deewer battle in just 6 lines
  • Maharana Pratap’s place in Indian history (5 lines)

(NCERT is under the control of Mr. Kapil Sibbal, an anti-Hindu Congress Minister. This Education Board has earlier branded revolutionists as terrorists. They have published degrading matter about Sikh ‘Dharmagurus’. The Council had also insulted Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. In short, the Council, under the control of Congress, exhibits anti-nationalism and Hindu-hatred. The officers and their supporters, who have suppressed bright history of Hindu national leaders, will be severely punished in Hindu (Divine, Ram-rajya, ideal) Nation ! – Editor SP)  

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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