HJS’s campaign for prevention of malpractices taking place during Holi and Rang-panchami 

The festival that shows path of virtuous attitude by destroying evil tendencies and inauspicious thoughts is ‘Holi’ ! Unfortunately, this festival is presently celebrated in perverted manner. Many wrong things are observed during celebration of this festival. Few atheist organizations undertake drives which mislead people on religious matters and shake their faith by advising them to burn trash on ‘Holi’ day and donate ‘Puran-poli’. Stringent action should be taken against such malpractices and against those who sell chemical colours harmful to health and those, who forcibly smear colours on others or throw water-filled balloons at them. Police should form patrolling squads especially for safety of women and be alert, were some of the demands made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) by submitting memorandum to Govt. administration.

Successful drive undertaken for protection of ‘Khadakvasala Water Reservoir’ for 18th year !  

Active response of local citizens to protection of ‘Khadakvasla water reservoir’ drive held at Pune on Rang Panchami

  • Local residents of Khadakvasla and surrounding areas join this drive
  • Awareness created on ‘Dhuli-vandan’ and ‘Rang-panchami’
  • Police extend good cooperation to this drive
  • Everyone commend HJS activities
Participating dignitaries, local residents, administrative officers, police and activists of HJS

Pune : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and like-minded organizations have been undertaking drive for the past 18 years for protection of Khadakvasla water reservoir and this year too such drive was undertaken. It received active response. Lot of awareness has been created amongst people due to the subject explained to people on the day of ‘Dhuli-vandan’ and ‘Rang-Panchami’. Many people spontaneously praised this drive and they showed readiness to join this drive through different media. The drive was started at 9.00 a.m. and was continued till 7.00 p.m. Residents from surrounding villages, police from Haveli police station and ‘Gramin’ police and government administration also participated in this drive. Many policemen present at the venue commended this drive. Such positive response from all sides helped in increasing enthusiasm of participating activists. Participating dignitaries expressed their views on this drive.

Drive undertaken by HJS continuously for so many years is commendable ! – Vijay Kolhe, ‘Gram-panchayat’ member, Khadakvasla

I have observed HJS undertaking this drive for protection of water for last 18 years. Initially, few local residents came forward, in support of this drive. Despite many obstacles faced in carrying out this drive, increasing cooperation of local residents and police administration helped this drive. People realized extensive objective of HJS of preventing malpractices taking place in celebrating festivals; therefore, they always continued to extend support. HJS has been incessantly carrying out this drive and I appreciate their activities. Our best wishes to them for future activities !

Awareness created by HJS helped in people understanding the subject ! – Rhutuja Mohite , assistant Police Inspector, Haveli police station

Water reservoirs at many places have been polluted. Chemical colours also cause physical harm. Good effect of this drive was seen at Khadakvasla water reservoir. Owing to awareness created through this drive, number of people coming here on the days of ‘Dhuli-vandan’ and ‘Rang-Panchami’ has reduced and there is lot of alertness amongst people on this issue; therefore, I want to commend this drive and activities of HJS.

We will always support HJS for protection of water ! – Anand Mate, Maharashtra Pradesh General Secretary, NCP

HJS has been undertaking drive for protection of water on ‘Dhuli-vandan’ and ‘Rang-panchami’ for past 18 years. We could also participate in this drive. It is helping in protecting potable water. We will always support HJS for its extensive drive of protection of water.

Participating dignitaries

On Rang-panchami : Shri. Dhondibhau Bhagavat, Irrigation Dept.; Shri. Pundalik Khirid, former Dy. Sarpanch, Gorhe Budruk; Shri. Baba Khirid, its present Dy. Sarpanch; Shri. Rajendra Kapase, senior reporter; Shri. Aniket Mate, Gram-panchayat member-Khadakvasla; Shri. Anand Mate, general secretary, Maharashtra Pradesh- NCP; Shri. Ashish Mate, present Khadakvasla Gram-panchayat member; Shri. Pravin Shinde, Central Railway; Shri. Ketan Shinde, President of ‘Vadgaon Budruk Vyapari Sangh’; Shri. Gokul sheth Karanjavane, Sarpanch- Kirkatwadi and others visited the venue of this drive and praised HJS activities.

Special Assistance

1. Local police extended good support to Khadakvasla water reservoir protection drive on 10th and 13th March 2020.

2. Police Inspector Ashok Shelke, Haveli police station (Pune Gramin) was present whole day at the venue of the drive. He also provided police squad for security at the venue.

3. Squad comprising Police Fauzdars Ravindra Bhosale, Ramdas Babar, Prashant Darekar, Malhari Raut, Komal Lokhande provided security at the venue.

4. Irrigation Department also extended good support by making announcements on the subject taking around an auto-rickshaw in the area.

Special response

Shri. Ketan Shinde, the President of ‘Vyapari Sangh’ of Vadgaon Budruk liked the drive very much. He spontaneously brought bottles of drinking water for participating activists. He also said, “Your activities are very good and continue them.”

Shri. Deepak Kulkarni, a devout Hindu from Hadapsar joined the drive full day. Kum. Akanksha Ghadge and Kum. Anushka Ghadge from Vadgaon Budruk, who attend self-defence training class conducted by HJS, joined the drive from afternoon till evening. Similarly, devout Hindus from training class conducted at Khanapur viz. Shri. Rohit Wagh, Shri. Akash Javalkar and Shri. Saurabh Javalkar also joined this drive.

Shri. Ravindra Bhosale, a police fauzdar personally distributed water bottle to every participating activist.

Shri. Akhilesh Vasishtha had come from Delhi to their relatives at Khadakvasla. He thanked activists when he observed the activities going on there; saying that HJS was doing good job. He also tried to know other activities undertaken by HJS. He promised to join HJS activities through its website.

Pollution of ‘Khadakvasala Water Reservoir’ was prevented by making human chain around it and through awareness created on the issue

Pune : It is against ‘Dharma-shaastra’ to get into water reservoir after playing with colours on ‘Dhuli-vandan’ and ‘Rang Panchami’. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has been creating awareness amongst Hindus for many years by explaining to them ‘Dharma-shaastra’. As a part of this drive, HJS, Sanatan Sanstha, Cummins India Ltd, Pune and other like-minded organizations undertake the drive for protection of Khadakvasala water reservoir. It is the 18th year of this drive. Human chain was made around the water reservoir so as to prevent people from entering the reservoir after playing with colours and from contamination of water which is provided to the city. Awareness was created amongst people visiting this area.

On 10th March, BJP-MLA Shri. Bheemrao Anna Tapakir elected from Khadakvasala Constituency started this drive by breaking coconut. BJP’s Bajirao Parge, NCP’s Maharashtra region’s General Secretary Anand Mate, Shri. Bharat Chavat, Pune District President of ‘Mathadi Kamgar Sanghatana’, Sarpanch Vitthal Thakur of Vardade village, assistant Police inspector Nitin Nama, reporter Rajendra Kapase, Shri. Parag Gokhale of HJS and Shri. Vitthal Jadhav of Sanatan Sanstha were present on the occasion.

Khadakvasala Irrigation Department’s dy. Divisional engineer Popatrao Shelar, architect Dhondibhau Bhagavat, branch officer Rajendra Raut, local residents and social activist Vilas Mate paid goodwill visit to the Cell erected for protection of Khadakvasala water reservoir. Shiv Sena’s present MP Shrirang Barne from Pimpri-Chinchwad also commended HJS activities. Police Department and Khadakvasala local residents took active part in the drive as usual.

Holi celebrated in ideal manner by local devout Hindus of Solapur on behalf of HJS

Solapur : Holi festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm all over Maharashtra. Devout Hindus attending ‘Dharmashikshan’ class conducted by HJS at ‘Vajra Maruti Mandir’ at ‘Godutai Vidi Gharkul’ celebrated ‘Holi’ festival in ideal manner as per ‘Shaastra’; keeping an example before people who are involved in malpractices under the guise of celebrating ‘Holi’. This festival was celebrated in front of Vajra Maruti Mandir, with the initiative taken by Shri. Ashok Machal, a local devout Hindu. Devout Hindus attending ‘Dharmashikshan’ class, local residents and activists of HJS attended the program in large number. Shri. Krushna Hari Kyatam, temple-priest also performed ‘Holi’-pujan.

Guidance is given in ‘Dharmashikshan’ class on manner of ideal celebration of festivals as per ‘shaastra’ by preventing wrong practices. All devout Hindus present on the occasion raised slogans of ‘Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram’ and ‘Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji’ on this occasion.

Memorandum submitted at Sambhajinagar and Ambad for prevention of malpractices taking place on the occasion of ‘Rang Panchami’

Nayab Tehasildar B. K. Chandol at Ambad receiving memorandum from Shri. Ravdinra Ambilvade and Shri. Ajay Deshmukh of HJS

Activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti submitted memorandum to Dy. District Collector and Nayab Tehasildar at Sambhajinagar and Ambad demanding to prevent malpractices taking place on the occasion of ‘Rang Panchami’.

Representation to Sangli Mayor Sou. Geeta Sutar

Mayor Sou. Geeta Sutar (at right) accepting representation

Kurla and Mulund (Mumbai)

Representation submitted to Tehsildar Dr. Sandip Thorat (1) at Kurla-Mulund
Representation submitted to Senior Police Inspector Ravi Sardesai

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and local devout Hindus submitted memorandum to Kurla-Mulund Tehsildar Dr. Sandip Thorat and Senior PI Ravi Sardesai. Similar memorandum was submitted in Kalwa (Thane) to Police.


Memorandum submitted at 8 police stations in Mumbai

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and local devout Hindus submitted memorandum at 8 police stations in Mumbai on 5th March 2020 demanding prevention of wrong things happening on the occasion of ‘Holi’, ‘Rang Panchami’ festivals and be alert especially from viewpoint of women’s safety. Local devout Hindus, seekers of Sanatan Sanstha and activists of HJS participated in this drive.

Mira Road

from left – Shri. Harish Mishra, Shri. Vijaychand Chaube, Shri. Maniksiddha Bhambure, Shri. Panchal and Shri. Ghanashyam Chobisa (on right) submitting memorandum at Kanakia police station, Mira Road

Memorandum was submitted at Kanakia police station, Mira Road by devout Hindus viz. Shri. Harish Mishra, Shri. Vijaychand Chaube, Shri. Maniksiddha Bhambure, Shri. Ghanashyam Chobisa and Shri. Sadanand Panchal and Shri. Paresh Satam of HJS.


Senior PI M M Mujawar of Dahisar police station accepting memorandum

Memorandum was submitted to senior Police Inspector (PI) M. M. Mujawar at Dahisar police station by devout Hindus viz. Shri. Vinod Shukla, Shri. Maniksiddha Bhambure, Shri. Vijaychand Chaube and Shri. Sadanand Panchal and Shri. Paresh Satam of HJS.


Accepting memorandum is PI Pundit Thakare of MHB Colony police station

Memorandum was submitted on 5th March 2020 to PI Ravindra Avhad of Borivali (West) police station, senior PI Pundit Thakare  of MHB Colony police station as also at Borivali (East) police station.


Memorandum was submitted to PI Vilas Kadam of Kandivali (West) police station. He commended HJS drive. Devout Hindus viz. Shri. Shashikant Padaval, Shri. Yogesh Gaggar, seekers of Sanatan Sanstha and activists of HJS were present on the occasion.

Charkop (Kandivali)

Senior PI Vitthal Shinde of Charkop Police station accepted the memorandum submitted by devout Hindus viz. Shri. Devang Bhat, Shri. Shashikant Padaval and Shri. Devale of HJS.


Devout Hindus, viz. Shri. Suresh Thakur and Shri. Digambar Kanekar of HJS submitted memorandum at Jogeshwari police station.


Memorandum was submitted to District Collector on 5th March 2020 on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS); demanding prevention of malpractices and for safety of women in the background of ‘Holi’ festival and ‘Rang Panchami’.

Devout Hindu activists submitting memorandum to Nayab Tehasildar Anant Gurav (on left)

Similar memorandum was submitted to Tehasildar Smt. Kalpana Dhavale- Bhandare at Tasgaon (Dist. Sangli).  


Dy. DC Uday Kisave accepting memorandum

Activists of HJS and social activists jointly submitted memorandum to Dy. District Collector Uday Kisave on 4th March 2020.

Vani (Yeotmal)

Devout Hindu activists submitting memorandum to Dy. Regional police officer

Vani (Yeotmal) : Memorandum was submitted to police and local administration for celebrating ‘Holi’ festival as per science avoiding wrong things, evil tendencies and inauspicious thoughts.


PI Kishore Dhumal accepting memorandum from activists of HJS

Memorandum was submitted to Police Inspector (PI) B. R. Patil of city police station and PI Kishore Dhumal of ‘Gramin’ police station.

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