Solapur: Relics of ancient temple found under a grave

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Muslims observe the day Babri mosque was demolished as a ‘Black Day’. Muslims have destroyed so many temples of Hindus and erected mosques in their place. When are Hindus going to learn to protest, in lawful manner, against such things ?

Relics of 900 year old Hindu Temple below a grave were found in Musti village

Relics of 900 year old Hindu Temple below a grave were found in Musti village

Solapur (Maharashtra): There was a grave on one raised platform in Musti village. Local Muslims started construction work there to convert the grave into a ‘durgah’. Below this grave, relics of a 900 years old ancient temple of Hindu God Siddhyappa were found. (Muslim invaders attacked hundreds of Hindu temples and erected mosques in their place. Secular Government has tried to suppress this history all these years. These rulers don’t utter even a word against the attacks. Such things will not, however, happen in Hindu Nation. – Editor SP)   

There are many temples of Hemad Sectarians in Musti village. People have belief that Siddhyappa is one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. A grave was built on the upper portion after demolishing the temple and it was projected as a ‘durgah’.

On the day of ‘Guru-Pournima,’ when Muslims started construction and excavated the site, stones in square shape of Hemad Sect type of construction, bracket of door with stone carvings, idol of Goddess, ‘Nandi’, ‘Shiva-linga’ etc. were found. As the local residents came to know about it, they took out the relics and performed ‘puja’. ‘Taporatna-yogi’ Rajendra Shivacharya Maharaj and Dr. Maya Patil, a scholar from Archealogy Department visited the site. The temple was built in Yadav era and must have been demolished during Muslim invasion, was the opinion expressed by Prof. Prabhakar Bongargi, a scholar in ancient art. Now the local residents are planning to build a temple there. (Congratulations to the local residents of Musti for trying to build temple in temple’s place ! All Hindus should strongly support them ! – Editor SP)  

It may be mentioned that the Hindus ignorant about the temple, were worshipping at Sufi saint Shaikh Umarsaheb’s durgah as their ‘Gram-devata’ and used to organize fair. The population of the village is 9000 out of which 1000-1500 people are Muslims.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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