Two-day Vidarbh Regional Hindu Adhiveshan concluded at Amaravati !

Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to stop various attacks on Hindu Dharma ! – H.B.P. Shrikant Bhuskute Maharaj, Rashtriya Warkari Parishad

Amaravati : Different diseases spread when atmosphere is impure and polluted. Similarly, Hindu Dharma is under stupor as Hindus have drifted away from spiritual practice. It has led to increase in wrong things like atheism, conversions, attacks on religious traditions, Government taking over management of temples, infiltration, love jihad etc. Antibiotics are generally given to get cured of epidemics; but far-sighted people take preventive measures to keep away from diseases, instead of taking antibiotic medicines later. In the same way, instead of fighting against different attacks one after another in this period of transition of Hindu Dharma, establishing Hindu Rashtra is the only effective solution, stated H.B.P. Shrikant Bhuskute Maharaj, District Secretary of ‘Rashtriya Warkari Parishad’ for Amaravati while addressing regional Hindu Adhiveshan organized on 21st and 22nd December by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for discussing the issue of establishing Hindu Rashtra. Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, State Coordinator of HJS for Maharashtra and Chhattisgad and H.B.P. Shyamsundar Nichit Maharaj, District-President of ‘Maharashtra Rajya Warkari Mahamandal’ also addressed this Adhiveshan.

Devout Hindu activists participating in this Adhiveshan

In this two-day regional Hindu Adhiveshan which was held with lot of enthusiasm, advocates, doctors, RTI-activists, representatives of 37 organizations, ‘Sampradayas’ and ‘Mandals’ from Amaravati, Nagpur, Vardha, Akola, Yeotmal, Buldhana and Vashim districts participated. The Adhiveshan was concluded with devout Hindu activists raising slogan of ‘Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram’ and they made a resolve to dedicate themselves in the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra.

Views expressed by dignitaries participating in Vidarbh regional Hindu Adhiveshan held at Amaravati

Corruption in managing Hindus’ temples and shrines will end in divine kingdom ! – Anup Jaiswal, Secretary, Vidarbh Devasthan Seva Samiti

There is lot of corruption in committees which are managing different Devasthan/ shrines. There is corruption on large scale even in temples which have been taken over by the Government. We never seriously looked at this issue. These things came to light due to movement undertaken by HJS. There will be no corruption in temples and shrines in divine kingdom.

80% fanatics help rioters ! – Rajendrasingh Rajput, Regional-President – Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha

Many riots witnessed by us were all pre-planned. 80% fanatics help rioters. Fanatics from India also help fanatic criminals. Idol-worshipers should be tortured to death is their planning. Therefore, now there is no alternative but to establish divine kingdom.

I became more happy after undertaking ‘sadhana’ as taught by Sanatan !- Vijay Dubey, ‘Rashtriya Shriram Sena’, Amaravati

Shriram Sena’s activities are going on for past 18 years. Efforts were made to impose ban on Shriram Sena, we were harassed but this distress was reduced due to grace of Shrikrushna. We faced several problems in the mission of saving cows but we could overcome them only with the grace of Guru and we were protected. By undertaking spiritual practice as prescribed by Sanatan Sanstha, I am experiencing more happiness in life.

Obscenity spread through advertisements shown on TV channels should be stopped ! – Ramashri Ramapriya, Ramashraya Janakalyan Trust

Our women are not weak but they are capable. Obscenity spread through advertisements presently shown on TV channels should be stopped. People from tribal areas of Bhandara district have been misled. It is impressed upon them that their Deities were of no use to them. They were motivated to throw in trash, all idols of Deities kept in their homes and pictures of Deities; therefore, Hindus coming together for protection of Dharma is the need of the hour.

Organizations of Hindus are getting divided leading to Hindus becoming weak ! – Prakash Shirwani, Shivadhara Ashram, Amaravati

Our Dharma is not weak but our feelings towards Dharma are weak that is the cause of conversions. People are lured with money and false promises of miracles, for conversion. There is need for a big revolution at thought level for bringing change in this situation. Hindu Rashtra will be established only when we devote ourselves to the mission by sacrificing our mind, body and wealth.

Facts are not brought forth through journalism but people are being misled ! – Advocate Satish Upadhyay, Amaravati

The fourth pillar of democracy i.e. journalism is not working consciously in the present times. Today’s journalism has become directionless; therefore, facts are not brought forth; moreover, things are happening everywhere, misleading people. Then, how will people know about right direction? Today’s journalists are afraid to call fanatics as fanatics but they are prompt in publishing about saffron terrorism whenever there is any reference made to Hindus. There is need to change this situation.

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