Hindu Rashtra Convention for North and East India inaugurated at Varanasi

Use your legal skills wherever necessary for the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra ! – ‘Pujya’ (advocate) Suresh Kulkarni, Founder member, HVP

Varanasi : Social system is set within legal framework. Advocates have knowledge of laws. They can play important role in building up of nation. Today, we need to re-build our society. Participation of advocates is necessary in bringing change in the present system. As an advocate, we will have to play different roles at the same time, such as that of a Convener, as Journalist, as leader, as activist etc. We will have to work going out of purview of our work-frame for the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra. We are advocates; therefore, along with submitting applications in Court or giving legal fight, advocates need to use their legal skills wherever necessary as it is the need of the hour, stated ‘Pujya’ (advocate) Suresh Kulkarni, the Founder member of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP)’ on 9th November during inaugural session of ‘Advocates’ Convention’. He was speaking on the topic of participation of advocates in the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra, in the role of advocate- activists. North and East India Hindu Rashtra Convention is being held from 9th to 12th November 2019 at Varanasi, the land sanctified by Bhagavan Vishwanath and ‘Gangamata’. Advocates’ Convention was held under Hindu Convention on 9th November in a very enthusiastic atmosphere. Advocates made a resolve on this occasion for establishing ‘Rama-Rajya’. Devout Hindu advocates and representatives of pro-Hindu organizations from various States like Bihar, Odisha and Bengal participated in this Convention.

The Convention was started with lighting of lamp by Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), advocate Kamalesh Chandra Tripathi, national President of ‘India with Wisdom’, ‘Pujya’ Nilesh Singbal, ‘Dharmapracharak’ of HJS, advocate Dinesh Narayan Singh and ‘Pujya’ (advocate) Suresh Kulkarni, the Founder-member of HVP. Advocate Prashant Vaity read out the message sent by ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale, the source of inspiration behind HJS, after recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’. Shri. Chetan Rajhans, national spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha explained the basic concept of Hindu Rashtra to participating advocates.

Establishing Hindu Rashtra should be taken as a vow and not just be expressed as an opinion ! – ‘Pujya’ Nilesh Singbal, ‘Dharmapracharak’, HJS

‘Pujya’ Nilesh Singbal said while explaining the purpose of holding such Convention, “Establishing Hindu Rashtra should be taken as a vow, rather than just expressing as an opinion. HJS has taken such vow and has been organizing all-India Hindu Rashtra Conventions. There is no doubt that the mega unification of devout Hindu activists taking place through Hindu Rashtra Conventions would definitely establish Hindu Rashtra. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is not a political concept but it is a system of governance that is predominantly righteous and full of ‘Sattva’ – component. The concept of establishing Hindu Rashtra is not limited to only India but efforts will be made, in future, to establish Hindu Rashtra all over the world.”

Advocate Kamalesh Chandra Tripathi, national President of ‘India with Wisdom’ spoke during the session on contribution of advocates in protection of nation and Dharma that we wouldn’t be safe if public life and public systems are not safe. We think more about personal life and interests although we spend most of our time in public work.

1. I am trying through the medium of organization ‘India with Wisdom’, so also at my personal level since last decade. The Government administration takes temporary measures when you raise voice against improper system. There is either political appeasement or appeasement of certain section of people.

2.  There was breach of curfew imposed under Section 144 in Varanasi. One leader asked for permission to take out procession during the period of Parliamentary elections even when curfew was in force under Section 144. Police refused permission giving reason as advocate Kamalesh Tripathi would lodge a complaint. Double standards are used in cases of taking out religious processions. We are working even in this context.

3. Killing of camels on the day of ‘Bakri Eid’ in Varanasi was stopped after complaint was lodged in this connection. Only temples are demolished when local administrations issue order for removal of religious constructions on roads. I am fighting for this cause too.

Advocate Uday Narayan Chaudhari of Kolkata High Court and a member of ‘Nikhil Bang Nagarik Sangh’ expressed his views on condition of advocates in Bengal. He also promised to extend legal aid to HJS whenever required by them in Bengal. Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar presented to the participants, a brief review of activities undertaken by HVP.

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