Consign to flames the anti-Hindu Dharma progressive thoughts and seek the pleasure of Holi on abiding by Dharma in a sattvik way !

Appeal made during press conference held at Nagpur and Jalgaon


From left – advocate Sou. Vaishali Paranjape, sou. Mangala Paganis, Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, Shri. Atul Arvenla and Shri. Ramesh Agrawal


From left – Shri. Kapil Thakur, Shri. Mohan Tiwari, Shri. Prashant Juvekar and Shri. Dattatreya Waghulade

Nagpur : ‘Holi’ is a festival that shows the path of righteous attitude; by removing inauspicious thoughts! Presently, however, few environmentalists and animal-lovers become very sensitive towards certain issues only as Hindus’ festivals approach. They start making propaganda of donation of idols during Ganesh festival; start advising against offering milk on ‘Shiva-pindi’ on the day of ‘Mahashivaratri’ but donating it to poor people. By making such type of propaganda, the so-called rationalist organizations like ‘ANiS’ are misleading simple, gullible Hindus. Now, for ‘Holi’ festival, propaganda of donating ‘poli’ and making a small fire for ‘Holi’ has started. Hindus need not pay attention to them and get misled but they should burn so-called progressive thoughts which are actually anti-Hindu Dharma. Abide by Dharma, have ‘sattvika’ behavior as per ‘Dharma-shaastra’ and enjoy ‘Holi’ festival, was the appeal made by Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, State Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Maharashtra and Chhattisgad while addressing press conference held on 19th March. Shri. Ramesh Agrawal, City-Chief, Administrative Department of ‘Dharmajagaran Manch’, Sou. Mangala Paganis of Sanatan Sanstha, advocate Vaishali Paranjape of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad and Shri. Atul Arvenla, its Nagpur-Coordinator shared the dais with Shri. Ghanavat. Press conference was also held at Jalgaon.

Shri. Sunil Ghanavat said further ……

1. Muslims and Christians are taught Quran and Bible; but Hindus are not taught anything about their Dharma either in schools-colleges or even at temples though they are in majority in this country. As a result, Hindus are ignorant about things to be done as per Hindu ‘Dharma-shaastra’ and atheists take advantage of the situation; creating confusion amongst people.

2. They also advise preparing ‘Holi’ from trash; but various ingredients found in trash like plastic cause pollution on large-scale when burnt. Those wearing veil of rationalism, however, are not sensitive towards such issues.

3. Hindu ‘Dharma-shaastra’ is basically complementary to environment. Nowhere is it written that flowering trees should be cut for ‘Holi’. It is advised to cut dried sticks, twigs for ‘Holi’. It is also advised to ask trees for pardon while cutting such dried sticks so that tree is not harmed. No other Dharma thinks so much about environment and progressive factions need to study these matters !

4. Have you ever heard about these progressive factions staging movement advising not to cut trees for making Christmas tree; or stop burning candles outside churches but light lamps in poor people’s house; or donate money on 31st December instead of consuming liquor; or not to offer ‘chaddar’ at durgah but give it to beggar; or make a goat of clay and slaughter it on the day of Eid; or stop slaughtering of goats and cows/ cattle; give money used for ‘Haj’ – pilgrimage to poor etc ?

5. The ploy is only to target Hindu Dharma and it is quackery of progressive factions. They also claim that they talk about customs and traditions in Hindu Dharma because they are Hindus. Don’t they feel that Muslims and Christians are also their brethren? Why do they discriminate though at other times, they are making noise about ‘Sarva-Dharma-Sama-Bhava’ ? Hindus should ask such questions to activists of progressive factions.

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