Powerful Hindu organizations and political parties opposing HJS activities

  • Attempts to stop Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)’s increasing activities related to protection of Dharma when there is a dire need for unity amongst Hindus are like creating obstacles in activities related to protection of nation and Dharma! Will it be wrong if people feel that political parties which are elected on Hindus’ votes and powerful pro-Hindu organizations do nothing for protection of ‘Hindutva’ nor do they let others do these things?
  • With God’s grace, efforts made by HJS are earnest and honest is realized by society; therefore, despite opposition, ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagrtui Sabhas’, demonstrations, regional conventions held by HJS are getting tremendous response ! Hindus taking a prominent part in the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra is the outcome of HJS activities!

HJS is an organization which is working for the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra based on 5 points viz. ‘Dharma-jagruti’, ‘Dharma-shikshan’, ‘Dharma-rakshan’, Hindu unification and protection of nation. ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabhas’ are held at various places in Maharashtra in this context. In fact, HJS is not a political organization but it is a pro-Hindu organization which is trying to bring all Hindus together for protection of ‘Hindutva’, forgetting their posts, parties, organizations. Even then, few big powerful pro-Hindu organizations and political parties elected due to Hindus’ votes are opposing to these ‘sabhas’ through different media. HJS activists are getting bitter experiences of opposition from the people who are supposed to be pro-Hindus, rather than their extending help although such ‘sabhas’ are held with pure aim of protection of Dharma. It is also observed that few devout Hindu activists from other organizations are trying to get information under the pretext of joining HJS activities. Police are opposing to such ‘sabhas’ at few places. We are publishing such bitter experiences of these ‘sabhas’ for information of readers. HJS’ ‘sabhas’ are getting a tremendous response from Hindus despite opposition from different levels, is the proof of people’s confidence in HJS !

1. Devout Hindu activists (?) promising to extend help but withdrawing at the last moment and trying to foil the ‘sabhas’ !

1. A. Wasting valuable time of HJS activist who comes for ‘prasar’ of ‘sabha’ by holding unnecessary discussions : HJS activist had gone to a local devout Hindu activist in connection with publicity of ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha (sabha)’ planned in one city. He had discussions with the activist on various subjects and made him sit for one hour, wasting his time. He promised to give contact numbers of few devout Hindus but never gave any such contacts till the end.

1. B. Municipal councilor of a political party promising to provide electrical machinery, stage and sound system; but doing nothing ! : ‘Sabha’ was organized in a city and municipal councilor of a political party promised to make arrangements for electrical machinery, stage and sound system. He had, however, not taken any steps for making provision of those things. HJS activists, therefore, had doubt considering the vagueness in his promises and they asked the municipal councilor for names of stage decorators and what time they would be coming etc but he was constantly telling them not to worry and everything would be ok and still not taking any action which made the activists realize that he would not be doing anything. Later, HJS activists contacted a known office bearer who came to the venue and asked the municipal councilor to provide necessary things. After that, he called up decorators for preparing stage and person for providing electrical system etc. It, therefore, showed that the municipal councilor was trying to see that ‘sabha’ didn’t take place.

2. A member of a powerful pro-Hindu organization having hatred and bias against Sanatan Sanstha which is working for imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’!

One HJS activist had gone to a local member of a big powerful pro-Hindu organization, for publicity of the ‘sabha’ when the member angrily asked, “Who is this Abhay Vartak? We have been working for so many years. Does he know what he is talking about a pro-Hindu organization?” The member was talking quite aggressively. He said to HJS activists, “Don’t you have any other work? Hindus are quite awakened at this place. There is no need to create any awareness here.”

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