Education in Dharma is the only 100 percent solution to all problems

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Education in Dharma is the only 100 percent solution to all problems ! – Mrs. Sandeep Kaur

Dissection of anti-national policies of ruling politicians during discussion talks on ‘Sudarshan News’ !

Mrs. Sandeep Kaur on Sudarshan News

Mrs. Sandeep Kaur on Sudarshan News

Mumbai (Maharashtra) : Man always looks for eternal happiness in his life and not for a momentary pleasure. No other education but education in Dharma can provide this eternal happiness. The meaning of Dharma here is Duty-Dharma.  In other words, proper manner in which a mother should behave with her daughter, a sister with her brother and a person with society at large. If parents themselves implement this then their children do not need to be told anything different. This manner can reach every household through the medium of education in Dharma. When the sun rises darkness disappears, similarly if one gets educated in Dharma every problem related to the nation will have a 100 percent effective solution. Then no judiciary will be needed as everyone will be self-disciplined. This strong opinion was expressed by Mrs. Sandeep Kaur, an activist of HJS, New Delhi. A Hindi news channel ‘Sudarshan News’ had arranged a discussion show named ‘Dil To Bachha Hai Ji’. The topic of discussion was related to the proposal by Central Women and Child Welfare Ministry of legalizing 12 year old children to romance. She was talking on this discussion. Punit Jain, a psychiatrist also participated in this discussion. Mr. Suman anchored the show. This discussion resulted in dissection of anti-national policies of ruling politicians. (Congratulations to ‘Sudarshan News’ for arranging a discussion on the issue of national welfare ! Will other news channels imitate ‘Sudarshan News’ ? – Editor)

Mrs. Kaur further said, “It is wrong to believe that this decision will reduce crime rate because if such incidents occur then they will not get registered as a crime. Though many experiments have been carried out by western countries we find increasing numbers of criminal activities, suicides and depression. So why should Indians fall into the trap by imitate activities which the west has rejected? Today children are over exposed to the western culture through television, broadcast media and other means. At the same time if ruling politicians take such decisions, this can prove to be extremely disastrous.”

It is unfortunate that destroyers of social life are in power !

Advocate Virendra Sharma, who participated in the discussion via a telephone line, said, “As criminal activity is not in control, to give it a judicial exemption is very wrong. If this proposal gets approved in the Lok Sabha then it will become a law and then even the courts cannot have any control over it. It is extremely unfortunate that destroyers of social life are in power ! Psychiatrist Jain said, “12 years is a playful age. If children start thinking about romance in this age they will lose their mental balance.” In the discussion show a number of letters sent by viewers against this decision were read out.

Shrimati Kaur said…

  • As per the Vedas a man aged 25 years and a women aged 16 are eligible to start a married life. Following Vedas is beneficial to people.
  • Behaviour in accordance with Dharma will solve 80% problems in life
  • Using the term ‘western culture’ is wrong because they is no culture as such there.
  • Westerners are reverting back by turning vegetarians from  non-vegetarians

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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