Intellectual Meet of Prominent Citizens presided by Retd. Gen. P. S. Mehta

An Intellectual Meet of Prominent Citizens was held on 28 Sepe 2017 at Jammu to respond to the current socio-political situation. The Meet was presided over by General (Retd.) P.S.Mehta, Expert on Strategic and Defense Affairs. The important dignitaries who participated in the Intellectual meet included among others Shri Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, Brig. Anil Gupta, Prof. K. L. Bhatia, Virender Raina, Adv. Ankur Sharma, R. K. Bhat, O. P. Sharma and Kamal Bagati.

General P. S. Mehta in his presidential observation said that the issue of Rohangyas is a national security issue and as such there is a need to develop a comprehensive response and a plan for their detection.  He expressed serious concern over the issue of illegal immigration of Rohingyas in Jammu region. But he congratulated the government of India for its stand on the issue particularly the way it has put its stand before the apex court regarding the Rohingyas issue. He said that there is an imperative need to bring out a Report on the subject stating clearly as to how these illegal immigration took place at all and who were responsible for their transportation and settlement in a sensitive border state after crossing almost fifteen states. There is a need to find out as to who were their guides and financiers. We urge the state government to urgently complete the process of having an in-depth study of the situation and also include the members of the civil society in its efforts and come out with the Report so that the necessary steps for their deportation are undertaken.

Brig. Anil Gupta said that there cannot be any threat to the internal security graver than the organised threat of these illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, there are some elements who are more interested to show that the Indian political spectrum is divided on the issue. But the governments have a clear cut role so far as the short and long term goals of national security and integrity are concerned. The presence of these refugees has given new dimensions to the crime scenario in not less than seven states of the country. The Jammu and Kashmir state has been pin-pointed as the “ultimate safe haven” for these illegal immigrants. An appeal is made to the government to take this issue very seriously in order to identify them with a view to deport them in due course.

Shri Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo in his address said that that an overwhelming constituency in the country favours the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. They are on the same page as the majority nationalist population of the J&K state is on the subject. The people of all other states favour the abrogation of these Articles from the Indian constitution as they tend to create a state within a state and are responsible for creating a constitutional justification for secession and separatism. These Articles have potential to ignite the tendencies of “sub-nationalism” among a certain group of population in the state.

Adv. Ankur Sharma, known for his judicial activism, in his speech said that the same forces who are opposing the permanent settlement of West-Pak refugees for the last seventy years have no problem when it comes to the settlement of the illegal Rohingyas from Burma in a sensitive border state like Jammu and Kashmir. It shows the hypocrisy and sectarian mindset of a certain section of the political class in the state.

Prof. K. L. Bhatia said that there is a design to effect demographic change in the Jammu region. The seeds of this demographic invasion were sown long back with a view to show Jammu as a part of “Greater Kashmir”. This was done with a view to further the separatist and fissiparous design in the Jammu region.

Shri Virender Raina in his address said that while we are discussing the measures for strengthening and safeguarding the Indian interest in Jammu and Kashmir state, it is heartening to note that a Bill has been brought in the US Congress to grant permanent membership of the US Security Council to India. While lauding the contributions of India in the creation of a new global order in strengthening the prosperity of the world and a safe and secure South Asia, the members of the Congress said that the time has come to recognize the role of India. The Law makers and the Bill movers Frank Pallone and Ami Bera deserve high appreciation from the people of India in this regard. We in this context would request the US Congress to also pass the pending Bill declaring Pakistan a “State sponsor of Terror.”

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