The Bharatiya scriptures have advocated the code of conduct depending on place, time and circumstances. The code of conduct advocated by the Veds is very difficult for an average person to adhere to. To overcome this difficulty and to make it convenient for every one to follow the code of conduct and to facilitate their spiritual upliftment, the Purans have recommended vrats.

Gauri Puja (Jyeshtagouri Vrat)

The spiritual science underlying the invocation of Gouri is the welcome of the Deity of Knowledge and the supernatural powers which accompany Sri Ganeshji and to surrender to them with a sense of gratitude. Read more »

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat

Ananta vrat is observed with the intention of fulfillment of worldly desires. This vrat is mainly observed for regaining lost prosperity.
Read more »


The festival of ‘Ratha Saptami’ is celebrated to offer gratitude and worship the Surya-devata. Information on ‘Ratha Saptami’ and how to worship the Surya devata is given in this article Read more »


Mahashivratri falls on Magh Krishna Chaturdashi. On this day, the Shiva principle descends to Earth a thousand times more than usual. Read more »

Adhik Maas

Seasons are based on solar months (on sun’s movement). Lunar year has 354 days and solar year has 365 days. There is a difference of 11 days between these two years. Therefore, to reconcile the difference and account for both lunar and solar years, a month (Adhik Maas) is added after approximately 32-1/2 months. So such ‘adhik maas’ is counted after 27 – 35 months. Read more »

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