Importance of performing sadhana under the guidance of a guru

        Making efforts to merge with the God Principle is itself called sadhana. While performing sadhana, the time required for accomplishing the objective depends upon sadhana of the previous birth, destiny, impressions on the subconscious mind, obstacles in sadhana etc. Since we cannot ascertain all these facts completely, it is essential to continue with sadhana under the spiritual guidance of a Guru or based on the scriptures. This article explains why performing sadhana as per our own wish is wrong and also elucidates the importance of performing sadhana under the spiritual guidance of a Guru.

1. Why is it incorrect to perform sadhana as per our own wish ?

        Performing sadhana as per our own wish or just because our parents or someone in the family are performing it or because someone has suggested it, is like entering a labyrinth on the battlefield with inadequate knowledge about it.

        The harm in performing sadhana as per our own wish is explained below :

A. When sadhana is performed as per our wish and the Kundalini gets awakened, the chakras on the path are awakened one by one. This is like a labyrinth chalked out by God for the seeker. Based on the level of the chakra, various personality defects of the seeker from many previous births get activated. For example, with the activation of Swadhishthanchakra, sexual desire or sexual thoughts are heightened; activation of the Maṇipurchakra enhances likes and dislikes pertaining to food and drink etc. If trapped in a particular chakra, negative energies and vibrations in the environment with thoughts similar to the ones that are activated by the chakra, get attracted to the individual. If the individual does not receive proper spiritual guidance, he may indulge in adultery and tamasik (Tama-predominant) acts.

B. Often, negative energies interfere in the process of awakening of the Kundalini and create an illusion of its awakening. Thus, the chakras in the physical body become seats of negative energies.

C. If distress of any type is encountered while performing sadhana, for example, during activation of the chakras, then the body may show odd movements (such as rocking back and forth, jerking and rotating around the self). If family members who perform sadhana at home or in the neighbourhood are unaware of the existence of such distress, there is likelihood of the seeker visiting a fake mantrik or mendicant to overcome such distress. Taking advantage of his ignorance, such fake mendicants may cheat the seeker. At times, they may provoke him to indulge in unrighteous acts such as worshipping sex organs or maintaining illicit physical relationships. Innocent seekers may get trapped in the web of the fake mantriks or mendicants. However, performing any such act is absolutely wrong. Thus, a seeker in the control of a mantrik actually becomes a victim of attacks of negative energies. The remedy to this problem is to seek guidance of Saints instead of visiting people with Aghorividya.

D. Often, the ego increases while performing sadhana as per ones liking and an attitude develops of trying to dominate others. Due to ego, a seeker drifts away from God. Hence, seekers should develop an attitude of seeking advice from appropriate spiritual guides or Saints, and try to perform sadhana in the right direction.

2. Difference in spiritual progress between performing

sadhana as per our own wish and under the spiritual guidance of a Guru


        A seeker who performs sadhana under the spiritual guidance of a Guru progresses faster spiritually in a short period. Instead of getting trapped in Swargalok (Heaven) or Rushilok (Region of Sages), he advances straight to Moksha (Final Liberation). As against this, those who perform sadhana as per their own wish often remain trapped in sattvik (Sattva-predominant) happiness instead of experiencing Anand (Bliss). That is why, they progress slowly, and there is a danger of them getting trapped in Swargalok.

3. Performing sadhana as per our own wish,

under the spiritual guidance of a Guru and awakening of the Kundalini

A. The Kundalini of the individual performing sadhana as per his own wish awakens in an irregular and uncontrollable manner, and the dangers that can arise are as follows

  • Before commencing sadhana, the bhav (Spiritual emotion) of the individual is unmanifest or in a dormant state. In this stage, the Kundalini too is dormant. That is why, the soul is unaware of the knowledge of the soul. Without the Guru, the Kundalini of the individual who performs sadhana as per his own wish awakens irregularly and uncontrollably. The bhav of the individual too awakens irregularly and there are obstacles in enhancement of his bhav. At times, the tremendous amount of energy generated by the awakened Kundalini becomes intolerable for the individual and he suffers from ailments arising from excessive heat, tremors, paralysis, bodyaches etc. An uncontrolled Kundalini can even lead to death.

  • There are two journeys of the Kundalini – from the Muladhar-chakra to the Brahmarandhra and from the Brahmarandhra back to the Muladhar. The first journey takes place due to the vyashti sadhana of the seeker. However, if sadhana is performed as per own wish, then there is a danger of ego increasing, and after acquiring siddhis (Supernatural powers), getting trapped in them, thus moving away from the real objective of God-realisation.

B. Performing sadhana under the spiritual guidance of a Guru brings gradual and systematic awakening of the Kundalini

  • When sadhana is performed under the spiritual guidance of a Guru, the chakra is activated in proportion to the spiritual ability of the seeker and the Kundalini awakens gradually, remaining in control. A Guru awakens a specific chakra in a seeker, and from the energy so released, gets vyashti as well samashti sadhana performed from him that the seeker requires for his spiritual progress, and bestows him with spiritual experiences such as awakening of bhav, visions of Deities and their loks (Subtle regions), visions of sattvik or auspicious symbols and imparts knowledge of various types. In this way, since the upward journey of the Kundalini continues (from the Muladharchakra to the Brahmarandhra), the seeker continues to get superior level spiritual experiences and awakening of bhav. Most Saints belong to the first kind of journey of the Kundalini.

  • By performing sadhana under the spiritual guidance of a Guru, both the journeys of awakening of the Kundalini are completed stepwise and smoothly without any danger to the seeker. In the second journey of the Kundalini, the Guru gets maximum samashti sadhana performed from the seeker and bestows upon him the grace for reducing ego. In this manner, the Guru first awakens the dormant Kundalini, gets its journey completed and steadies it back in its original seat. This facilitates the seeker’s journey ‘from dvait (Duality) to advait (Non-duality)’ and ‘from advait to dvait’.

4. Sadhana performed under the spiritual guidance

of a Guru commences the process of purification of the intellect

        If appropriate sadhana is performed under the spiritual guidance of a Guru, the process of purification of the intellect (meaning, awakening of the Sattva component) commences. As against this, when sadhana is performed as per our own wish, the intellect becomes impure (meaning, becomes Tama-predominant).

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Sadhana (Spiritual practice)