Rangoli designs associated with Shriram Principle

Specific shape that attracts and emits Ram Principle

shriram_rangoliSpirituality, each Deity is a specific Principle. Just as jai flowers are offered to Shriram to attract Ram Principle, a specific shape helps attract Ram Principle. One specific shape that attracts Ram Principle is shown ahead. By using this specific shape in rangolis (Holy designs made on the ground from white crushed powder) or toraṇ, we can benefit maximum from the Ram Principle.

Some rangolis that attract and emit Ram Principle

        Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit Ram Principle at home or in the temple, before worshipping Shriram and on Ramnavami. Fill sattvik colours such as pale yellow, blue or pink in it. Due to such rangolis, Ram Principle is attracted and emitted into the environment. Therefore, the environment is charged with Ram Principle and the devotees benefit from it. Examples of such rangolis are given ahead.


Provides spiritual experience of Tarak-shakti
11 Dots : 11 Lines



Provides spiritual experience of Anand (Bliss)
11 Dots : 11 Lines
This rangoli also attracts and emits Principle of Srikrushna



Provides spiritual experience of Shakti (Divine Energy)
3 Dots : 3 Lines



Provides spiritual experience of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness)
18 Dots : 2 Lines
The three rangolis above also attract and emit the Principle of Deity Hanuman.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text ‘Shrivishnu, Shriram and Shrikrushna‘ and Booklet ‘Sattvik Rangoli’