‘Sita Kotuwa’, a place sanctified by Sitamata’s stay !

There are many places in Sri Lanka which have some connection with Prabhu Shriram, Goddess Sita and Lakshman. There are proofs of incidents occurring here as mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana. ‘Sita Kotuwa’ is one such place in Sri Lanka ! ‘Sita Kotuwa’ is situated in ‘Gurulupotha’ village in thick forest of ‘Uwa’ region of Sri Lanka.

Photos of Ravana’s wife Mandodari’s palace at ‘Gurulupotha’ in Sri Lanka !

1. Queen Mandodari’s palace was at ‘Gurulupotha’ where one

of the airports was located which Ravana had built during Ramayana period

Ravana had built different types of aeroplanes as per science written By Maharshi Bharadwaj. It is said that Ravana had 18 types of planes such as Mayur, Pushpak etc and 6 airports were built by Ravana at Veragantota, Thodupol Kanda, Ussangoda, Variyapola, Vatariyapola and Gurulupotha and at ‘Gurulupotha’, there was a big palace of Ravana’s queen Maharani Mandodari.

2. Ravana kept Sitamata in Queen Mandodari’s palace

after abduction during the period of Vanavas (stay in forest)

Ravana was wondering where to keep Sita after abducting her and bringing her to Sri Lanka in a plane. He decided to keep her in Mandodari’s palace. Maharani Mandodari used to stay in a palace on river-bank, along with her daasi (servants). When Ravana brought Sitamata to Mandodari’s palace, chaste Mandodari said, “Swami, she is none other than Mahalakshmi. It is wrong to even look at a woman who is not your wife. You have brought Sita by deceiving her Swami Prabhu Shriram. If Sita stays in Sri Lanka, Lanka’s destruction is inevitable; therefore, you leave her to her Swami, with due respect and seek his pardon. Shriram is the ocean of empathy, and will pardon you’” Ravana gets angry with her and says, “Mandodari, I am the King of Lanka and Swami of all 3 ‘Lokas’. Gods from heaven are also scared of me. The, Rama is just an ordinary human being; so you keep Sita in your palace. Look after her well. She will forget Rama in few days. You tell her about me and try to persuade her to marry me.” Ravana then leaves. Later, Devi Sita stayed at the palace of Maharani Mandodari till she went to ‘Ashok Vatika’.

3. Ruins of Maharani Mandodari’s palace at ‘Gurulupotha’ village and presence of river found even today

Sitamata used to climb down the steps on the south side of the palace and go to the river for bath !

Maharani Mandodari’s palace is 1.5 kms inside the forest from Gurulupotha village. There is thick forest on all 4 sides of the palace. There are 50 steps on the south side of this palace below which there is a small river. Sitamata used to come here for bath every day. Here, the ruins of Maharani Mandodari’s palace and river under these ruins can be seen even today. Local people refer to Maharani Mandodari’s palace as ‘Sita Kotuwa’. ‘Kotuwa’ means fort. Nobody goes there since this place is inside forest.

4. Spiritual Experience

A. Sadguru (Sou.) Anjali Gadgil was inquiring about way to ‘Sita Kotuwa’ with local people when a person comes and takes seekers to ‘Sita Kotuwa’: We reached Gurulupotha village. Sadguru (Sou.) Anjali Gadgil told us, “Let us ask local people for the way to reach ‘Sita Kotuwa’.” A person came there while Sadguru (Sou.) Anjali Gadgil was talking to us and the person was ready to take us to ‘Sita Kotuwa’. We followed that person on the way in forest which was very narrow and like a slide.

B. Our ‘bhav’ was invoked on reaching ‘Sita Kotuwa’ and felt like a fountain of joy flying in our ‘Anahat-Chakra’: Our ‘bhav’ was invoked as we reached ‘Sita Kotuwa’. The atmosphere at this place was very pleasant and had ‘chaitanya’ like the atmosphere at ‘Ashok Vatika’. We felt bliss in our ‘Anahat Chakra’. All Sanatan seekers then paid obeisance to ‘Sitamata’ whose abode is in the heart of Prabhu Shriram, the 7th incarnation of ‘SrimanNarayana’. In remembrance of Prabhu Shriram and Sitamata, we took some soil of that sacred place and smeared it on our foreheads.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat