‘Gayatri Mutt’ founded by a Saint from ‘Nuwara Eliya’ city in Sri Lanka  

Founder of ‘Gayatri Mutt’, Saint ‘Muruges Siddhar’s ‘samadhi’
Shiva Mandir known as ‘Shrilankadheeshwar’ Temple at ‘Nuwara Elia’ city of Sri Lanka

1. Gayatri Peetha – Gayatridevi Mandir and ‘Shrilankadheeshwar’ Shiva Temple founded by Saint ‘Murugesu Siddher’

There is a spiritual ashram known as ‘Gayatri Peetha’ founded by Saint ‘Murugesu Siddher’ in ‘Nuwara Eliya’ city in 1970. In this ashram, there is Srilankadheeshwar Mandir’, a Shiva-temple and a temple of Gayatridevi. (See Pic. No.1) It is said that the land of ‘Gayatripeetha’ was the land where Ravana’s son Meghnaad took penance. Before going to fight war against Shriram-Lakshman, Ravana’s son Meghnaad sat in penance. He worshipped Bhagavan Shiva. On the previous day of war, Bhagavan Shiva appeared in a place where Srilankadheeshwar temple was built.

2. Saint ‘Muruges Siddher’ brought 108 ‘Banalingas’ which somebody had stolen from River Narmada and taken away to Germany

Saint ‘Muruges Siddher’, the founder of ‘Gayatri Peetha’ was informed by his devotees from Germany that ‘Somebody had brought 108 ‘Banalingas’ from River Narmada to Germany’. Saint ‘Muruges Siddher’ brought all the ‘Banalingas’ to Sri Lanka with the help of German Government and kept them in ‘Gayatri Peetha’.

3. ‘Samadhi’ of ‘Muruges Siddher’

In the year 2007, Saint ‘Muruges Siddher’ left his physical body. His ‘samadhi’ has been built at that place. (See Pic No.2) Devotees of Saint ‘Murugesu Maharshi’ will install these ‘Banalingas’ since he has now left his physical body, took ‘Mahasamadhi’. The precious things received by ‘Murugesu Maharshi’ from evolved souls and ascetics dwelling on Himalaya have been preserved.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat