History of Hindu culture in Sri Lanka !

The place referred to as Lanka or Lankapuri in ‘Ramayana’ is the country presently known as Sri Lanka. Shri MahaVishnu incarnated as Shriram in ‘Treta-Yuga’ and eliminated demons like Ravana; going to Lankapuri. Hindu culture was followed in this country for ages. 2300 years ago, Buddhism entered Sri Lanka due to Sanghamitra, the daughter of King Ashok. Though 70 % of the population in Sri Lanka follows Buddhism now, there are several places giving evidence of presence of Shriram, Seeta and Lakshman. There are ample proofs of incidents which occurred during the period of Ramayana, as written by Maharshi Valmiki. There are many places, ‘teerthas’, caves, mountains and temples showing connection with Shriram, Seeta, Hanumant, Lakshman, Ravana and Mandodari etc. Therefore, Sadguru (Sou.) Anjali Gadgil and 4 student-seekers of ‘Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalaya’ toured Sri Lanka for a month so as to get information on such places which will be passed on to Hindus all over the world.

‘Sita Kotuwa’, a place sanctified by Sitamata’s stay !

Ravana kept Sitamata in Queen Mandodari’s palace after abduction during the period of Vanavas (stay in forest). Maharani Mandodari’s palace is 1.5 kms inside the forest from Gurulupotha village. Local people refer to Maharani Mandodari’s palace as ‘Sita Kotuwa’. Read more »

‘Ravana Falls’ and ‘Ravana Cave’ in Ella town of Sri Lanka

At the entrance of the Ravana Cave, a demonic face has been imprinted on a stone and there are many scary faces imprinted on stones inside the cave with eyes seemed to be looking at us. Ravana ruled this part during ‘Treta-Yuga’ that is millions of years ago. Even then, everything created by Ravana gives out same vibrations. Read more »