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Why is UPA silent on killing of Hindus in Pakistan ?

December 4, 2011
Margshirsh Shukla Dashami , Kaliyug Varsha 5113

By Prof. V. K. Malhotra

Calling the silence of Government of India over the killing of Hindus in Pakistan as a ‘criminal conspiracy’, senior BJP leader and Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, condemned the killing in strongest words and urged the Government to raise the issue with Pakistan. He was referring to the cold blooded murder of four Hindu doctors in Sindh province of Pakistan recently.

In a scathing indictment of Government of India, he said on November 14, “It  was indeed  shocking to hear  Dr. Manmohan Singh  hailing  his Pakistani counterpart as ‘man of peace’, at a time when Hindus/Sikhs were being killed and being forced to convert in that country. It is indeed a shame that while the USA, Britain along with other countries and several Human right groups abroad have expressed their outrage over these killings and rape and abduction of women belonging to minorities especially Hindus and Sikh in Pakistan, our Prime Minister is giving certificate of ‘Good Behaviour’ to his counterpart from across the border,” Prof. Malhotra said in a statement.

He said what  was  more outrageous was that  Dr Singh, whose heart bleeds when he sees a terrorist’s family in distress, did not raise the issue of these killings in his meeting with “Man of Peace” Yousaf Raza Gillani”.

Prof Malhotra said historical temples or Gurudwaras there have either been demolished or taken over by the Army. The fundamentalists in Pakistan, on whom our Prime Minister seems to have more trust, are openly asking the Hindus/Sikhs to convert into Islam. “I don’t know what Dr Manmohan Singh’s game plan is, but I can assure him that no honour even the Noble Prize is worth at the expense of country’s interests,” Prof Malhotra added.

He said what is shocking is that even Congress and its leader Sonia Gandhi has not uttered a word at the killing of Hindus in Pakistan. I need not remind this so-called grand old party that at the time of Independence the Indian Government headed by Pt. Nehru had promised to protect the interests of minorities who stayed back in that country. “I am also stunned to at the stony silence of our champions of Human Rights. Why the helpless Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs do not figure in their scheme of things? Are they not human beings? Don’t they have right to live with dignity and honour or live by their faith? The silence betrays their hypocrisy,” he said.

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Keerthan S Bhat, India (Bharat)
04 Dec 2011, 17:36
the one who only intended to do vote bank politics wont reply for HINDU.
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