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Bhojshala Yagna Kund Vagdevi Bhojshala and Kamal Maulana Dargah Police lathicharged Hindus
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Let us unite to liberate Bhojshala
(Saraswati Temple) to regain Hindu Rights !

Bhojshala : Ayodhya of Madhya Pradesh ! हिंदी में जानकारी

'Read Current Happenings : BJP arrest and brutally beat up Shri. Navalkishore Sharma of Bhojshala Mukti Yagna Samiti

'Bhojshala' is an ancient and the only temple of Mata Saraswati, built by Raja Bhoj in 1034 AD. ('See Photo Evidences') Bhojshala was home to thousands of students and scholars and it was main centre of education. Attacks on Bhojshala started from 1305 AD and Muslims built today's Kamal Moulana dargah near Bhojshala. ('Read Detailed Timeline of Facts')

Bhojshala has become victim of Governments of Madhya Pradesh due to appeasement of Muslims for votes. Today Archeological Survey of India (ASI) allows everyone to go inside Bhojshala 'as a tourist' with fees. On every Tuesday, Hindus are allowed to enter in Bhojshala and offer flowers and akshata to Saraswati Mata. But since the new idol of Vagdevi is seized by Madhya Pradesh government and kept in Gwalior jail, Hindus can't offer anything to Saraswati Mata. On every Friday, Muslims are allowed to offer Namaz in Bhojshala complex. Vasant (Basant) Panchami, also known as Mata Saraswati Jayanti is the only day in the year on which Hindus are allowed to perform full-fledge puja by taking idol or photo of Mata Saraswati inside Bhojshala. So Muslims can offer Namaz in Bhojshala 52 times in a year, but Hindus can perform puja only once in a year. It should be noted that Dhar, where Bhojshala is located, has 16 mosques to offer Namaz.

What do you want in Bhojshala on this Vasant Panchami (15th February 2013) - Puja or Namaz ?

Maa Saraswati Puja Namaz in Bhojshala

In year 2006, Vasant (Basant) Panchami was on friday, so the demand of the Hindus to perform puja in Bhojshala for the full day was refused and the police also used force against Hindu devotees and arrested many. Now this year 2013, again Vasant (Basant) Panchami happens to be on friday and Hindu Devotees are demanding to perform puja for the whole day and restrict Muslims to offer Namaz in Bhojshala on this day. Also the BJP Govt. should release Vagdevi (Mata Saraswati) idol from Gwalior Jail, which was installed by Hindus in Bhojshala.

For details refer tabs 'Timeline of Facts' and 'Photo Evidences'.

O Hindus, take up this challenge and do your duty towards Dharma !

Download the JPG of banner against disrespect of Shri Shankaracharya !

Marathi Banner and Falak
Hindi Falak

Signature Drive

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1. Hon. Union Minister of Culture, Govt. of India
2. Hon. Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh
3. The Director General, ASI
4. Superintending Archaeologist, Bhopal circle, ASI
1. Hon. Prime Minister of India
2. Additional Secretary, Ministry of Culture

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Our Demands

  • on 15th February 2013, 'Bhoj-shala' should be made available to Hindus instead of Muslims for 'namaz', as it is the day of Vasant Panchami falling on Friday.
  • The Government should release the idol of Shri Vagdevi made of 'Ashta-dhatu (8 metals) from the Gwalior jail.
  • From the evidences, it is amply clear that Bhojshala is nothing but a Hindu temple and hence it should be handed over to Hindus completely.
  • The Government should restrict Muslims permanently to enter and offer Namaz in Bhojshala.
  • Today it is observed that few fanatics and miscreants are damaging ancient idols of Deities and other signs of temple. This damage should stop immediately and Government should ensure that these idols and signs should not get harmed.
  • Bring back the original idol of Shri Vagdevi from London Museum.

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My View

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Comments (99)

khushi Ram, India (Bharat)
18 May 2014, 15:26
abb lagta ha waqt aa gaya hai, Hindu jaagega HINDUSTHAN (not Hindustan) jaagega aur sara jagat jaagega.
Pawan Kumar, India (Bharat)
15 Feb 2014, 18:45
Hindu jaagega viswa jaagega.
NAGESH, India (Bharat)
08 Feb 2014, 17:02

Kanika, India (Bharat)
04 Feb 2014, 21:58
We should get unite to fight for the rights of our pious Dharma.

Sanatan Dharma is only Dharma that leads to the way of Supreme Power Bhagwan with soul liberation .
Prajakta, India (Bharat)
03 Dec 2013, 12:42
But according to me, Madhya Pradesh is being by Bhartiya Janata Party. Then can we really hope that if BJP gets elected in 2014, then all such things will stop. Even Narendra Modi is pro-corporate. So even if he becomes PM, I doubt about his stance due to his dialogues like Priority to be given to toilets over temples. Yes while each street and corner does not need a temple, but in case of the temples which were built long time, people must be given full freedom to practice the rituals. Its sick to hear about statue being in Gwalior jail.
NAGENDRA RAWAT, India (Bharat)
20 Aug 2013, 12:50
The story starts around 800 years back, when the mughal started attacking India for personal benefits and to loot this country. as around in 1400 they started attacking on our religion and started converting people forcibly. Thanks to our ancestors we are Hindu, they made all sacrifices for us. then all Mughal rulers captured Hindus tample and made them Makabara or mosque. because they find our temples more rich and fine in arts. now we want back our temples, as that was unjustified. Muslims already taken PAK they cant demand any Hindu property. its simple. Govt must attend this as our pride and sentiments toward these Temples and other structures. Jai Hindu!
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