Request to Readers, Well-Wishers and Seekers for help !

Request to Readers, Well-Wishers and Seekers for help !

Participate in ‘Dharmakarya’ by contributing in the form of offering money or bus in good condition for transportation of seekers, ‘jidnyasus’ and devout Hindus !

Sanatan’s activities related to protection of nation and Dharma and creating awareness towards related issues are increasing rapidly. Many people are coming to stay at Ramnathi ashram as they want to be full-time seekers or want to join these activities. Even the number of jidnyasus and devout Hindus, from India and abroad, visiting the ashram is increasing day by day. Considering such growing multitude of the karya, need is felt for a vehicle with more seating capacity.

For seekers with lodging arrangements at other places and coming to ashram for seva or for transporting of seekers, jidnyasus and devout Hindus from railway station and bus-stand, two buses with capacity of 25 and 33 passengers is urgently required. Bus in good condition, with all necessary papers and permissions (RC book, PUC, insurance etc) can be given in donation or money can be given in form of donations for purchase of bus.

Readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus, who are interested in participating in this ‘Dharmakarya’ by either offering a bus in good condition or offering money for purchase of a bus, may contact on 7219656192 at the earliest.


Participate in the translation ‘seva’ if you know any foreign language !

1. Extensive propagation work undertaken by SSRF, a spiritual organization: ‘Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)’ is a spiritual organization which gives guidance on spiritual science to people from all over the world who are curious to know the path of leading blissful life. www. spiritualresearchfoundation. org is its website. This organization has been carrying on its work related to propagation of spirituality not only in English and Hindi but also in other 18 foreign languages such as Persian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Slovenian, Chinese, Malaysian, Croatian, Spanish, Hungarian, Serbian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Bulgarian etc. SSRF has published books on spiritual science in German language and work related to publishing of books in languages like Spanish, Croatian, Serbian etc. is going on.

2. Requirement of persons knowing other languages for translating the invaluable knowledge on spiritual science : SSRF has been working with the noble goal of spreading spiritual science in the world, in scientific language so that it benefits the whole mankind.

Many Indians have knowledge of some foreign languages; therefore, they express their wish to participate in the work of propagation of spirituality through the medium of translation work. Many of such people have already started translation ‘seva’ and they are getting indescribable joy through such ‘seva’ while learning about spiritual science. If more and more people join this ‘seva’ for spreading spirituality to the interested curious people all over the world, this mission can be carried out with greater speed. Therefore, an appeal is made to those, who know foreign languages, to join the activity of propagation of spirituality and contribute to this mission. All those, who are interested in participating in this ‘seva’, may give their detailed information as per the given chart and send it on [email protected] through their ‘district-sevaks’. Those, who are interested in doing this ‘seva’, can stay in the ashram for the ‘seva’ or come to ashram for a certain period for the ‘seva’. They can even do this ‘seva’ from home and be a part of this mission.

Details   Information
1. Name  
2. District  
3. Contact No.:  
4. Education  
5. Language known  
6. Prefer to stay in ashram or at home  
7. How much time can be devoted for ‘seva’ every day/ week  
8. Do they have the facility of computer and internet  

– (Sadguru) Sou. Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (3.8.2016)

Number of computers and software are required for ‘video-editing’ and animation for the studio at Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram

Showing path of ‘God Realization’ to the whole world and conducting research in spiritual science are the main specialities of ‘Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalaya’. This ‘Vishwavidyalaya’ has been carrying out extensive research work with the expansive purpose of facilitating mankind to acquire knowledge on spiritual subjects that can be used for undertaking spiritual practice and achieve spiritual progress.

Video-shooting is done under such research work. Presently, work related to video-editing of the recorded shootings is going on. Day by day, there is increase in incidents which are beyond our comprehension and the equipment available for this work is not adequate; therefore, the following computers and software of the capacity given below are urgently required so that the inadequacy in equipment does not create hindrance in the pace of research work.

Details Reqd. No. Apprx Cost (in Rs.) Total Cost (in Rs.)
1. ‘RAM’ for upgrading old computers 12

1, 00, 000 =00


2. Computers of ‘Mac Pro –Apple’ 7 3, 00, 000 =00 21, 00, 000=00
3. Software for video-editing 18 90,000 =00 16, 20, 000 =00
4. Software for video-editing and animation 2 2, 20, 000=00 4, 40, 000 =00
    Total 42, 60, 000=00

Readers, well-wishers and donors, who are interested in giving monetary help, may contact Shri. Yogesh Shinde on email-id of – [email protected]

– (Pujya) Sou. Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (26.7.2016)

Following appliances are required in various ashrams of Sanatan Sanstha !

Hundreds of seekers joining Sanatan Sanstha have become full-time seekers and staying in different ashrams of Sanatan Sanstha. The number of seekers devoting full time for protection of nation and Dharma, besides seekers undertaking full-time spiritual practice, patriots and devout Hindus getting associated with Sanatan Sanstha is also growing day by day; therefore, following appliances are urgently required at various ashrams of Sanatan.

Appliance Brand Specifications Reqd. No. Apprx. Cost of each in Rs. Total Cost in Rs.
1.Washing Machine Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Godrej 6.5 kg and semi -automatic 25 15,000 3,75,000
2.Air Cooler Kenstar or other With 20 litre tank 25 10,000 2,50,000
3.Air Conditioner Blue Star, LG, Carrier etc. 1.5 ton split AC 6 37,000 2,22,000
4.Pedestal Fan Remy or other 400 MM High-speed 35 3,000 1,05,000
5. LED Tube light Wipro 20 watt 50 650 32,500
6. Press for ironing Phillips (Model HD 1134, HI 108, Diva GC 83) or others Dry iron (linished coated solplate) 20 1200 24,000
        Total (Rs.) 10,08,500

Readers, well-wishers or devout Hindus, who are interested in extending monetary help to buy the above appliances, may contact Shri. Vinayak Agavekar on [email protected] .

Don’t let go of this opportunity to join the mission of protection of nation and Dharma by sacrificing money.

Considering its benefits and for maintaining dental health, start using immediately, ‘Sanatan Danta-manjan’ with various medicinal qualities!

Sanatan Sanstha has so far manufactured various products of daily use and one of them is ‘Sanatan Danta-manjan’ !

1. Importance of ‘Danta-manjan’ : Protects from swelling and bleeding of gums; stops bad breath; restores taste in mouth. Many readers, well-wishers and seekers have been benefited from this tooth powder.

2. Medicinal use of Sanatan ‘Danta-manjan’

A. Its regular use strengthens gums and teeth.

B. It stops dental problems like swelling of gums, cures pyorrhea

C. Stops decay of teeth stops and dental health is improved.

D. It stops dental decay so also bad breath.

E. Roots of teeth become strong.

Instead of brushing teeth with tooth-paste and tooth brush, it is beneficial to use ‘Danta-manjan’ for cleaning teeth since gums are massaged and become stronger.

Readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus who wish to use Sanatan’s ‘Danta-manjan’ may place their order through Sanatan seekers staying close to them or on 9322315317.

Donate utensils required for the kitchens of Sanatan’s ashrams at different places or donate money in lieu thereof and participate in the activities for protection of nation and Dharma !

Activities of Sanatan Sanstha are growing day by day and the number of seekers, who want to dedicate their life for the mission of protection of nation and Dharma, is also increasing; therefore, the following utensils are urgently required for Sanatan’s various ashrams and seva-kendras.

Type of utensil Size / Capacity No. Apprx. cost (Rs.) Total cost (Rs.)
1.      Made of brass
A.    Utensils 1/2 Kg   30 750 22,500
  1 Kg 29 937 27, 173
  1-1/2 Kg 27 1,875 50, 625
  2 Kg 31 2,000 62,000
  2-1/2 Kg 18 3,000 54,000
  3 Kg 19 3,750 71, 250
  4 Kg 13 4,500 58, 500
   5 Kg 18 5,250 94, 500
   8 Kg 18 7,500 1, 35, 000
  10 Kg 11 10,313 1, 13, 443
   12 Kg 11 12,000 1, 32, 000
   15 Kg 11 13, 875 1, 52, 625
   20 Kg 3 20, 625 61,875
   25 Kg 2 28,000 56,000
                                                                                                          Total 10,91, 491
2.      Made of Steel
A.    Utensils 15 litres 3 1, 150 3, 450
  20 litres 5 1, 925 9, 625
  50 litres 2 5, 675 11, 350
B.     Utensil with handles 25 litres 12 2, 837 34, 044
C.    Kettle (for tea) 5 litres 3 1, 900 5, 700
  25 litres 5 2, 200 11, 000
D.    Thermos 1 litre 36 1, 100 39, 600
   1-1/2 litres 6 1, 450 8, 700
  2 litres 45 1, 750 78, 750
      E. Cooker 2 litres 16 900 14, 400
  3 litres 3 1, 350 4, 050
  5 litres 17 1, 685 28, 645
  10 litres 22 2, 365 52, 030
  15 litres 12 3, 125 37, 500
  20 litres 3 4, 750 14, 250
  22 litres 2 5, 550 11, 100
  Total 3, 64, 194
                                                                   3. Other Types
A.    Hot-pot Small 6 900 5400
  Medium 12 1, 050 12, 600
  Large 5 1, 125 5, 625
  Total 23, 625
  Grand total 14, 79, 310

Those readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus, who can donate the above types of utensils or can donate money for getting the utensils, can contact Sou. Kshama Rane.

Considering the impending period of crisis, plant Ayurvedic plants !

In the impending period of crisis, it will be difficult to get medicines; but with the grace of God, we have lot of plants that can be used for medicinal purpose and if we cultivate such plants before the start of monsoon, they will grow nicely. Given below is a list of medicinal plants used for common ailments. Readers, well-wishers and all Hindus can sow such plants near their house now so that they can be used in future. The names of few plants are given in Marathi in the following list.

They are known to people; but the local person having knowledge on the subject, can be consulted in the matter. The names could differ from place to place; therefore, their ‘Sanskrit’ names are also given in brackets. In case you know any ‘Vaidya’ (Ayurvedic doctor) practicing in your area, you can seek even his help. At some places, Agricultural colleges, forest departments or local organizations working in this field, distribute such plants free of charge. You can take benefit of the same. Note: In the book published by Sanatan Sanstha titled ‘Ayurvediya Aushadhi’, more details about such medicinal plants, their characteristics and use have been given.

Important medicines

Name of the plant Sr.
Name of the plant
1. Akkalkara (Akarakarabha)  51. Nagarmotha (Mustaa)
2. Agasta  52.  Lingad /Nigadi (Nirgundi)
3. Adulsa (Vaasaa)  53. Nirmali (Katak)
4. Arjunsadada (Arjun)  54. Nivadung (Struhi)
5. Ananas  55. Nishottar (Trivrut)
6. Ashok  56.  Paripaath
7. Asaanaa (Asan)  57.  Paarijaat ( Shephalika )
8. Alu  58.  Paashaanbheda (Ashmaghna)
9.  Aghaadaa (Appamaarg)  59.  Pithavan (Prushniparni)
10. Awala (Amalak)  60. Pittapaapda (Parpatak)
11.  Ambehalad (Amragandhiharidra)  61. Pudina (Putihaa)
12. Umbar (Audumbar)  62.  Punarnava
13. Erand  63. Balaa (Chikanaa)
14. Kadunimba (Nimba)  64. Bahvaa/ Amaltaas (Aragvadh)
15. Kadu Padval (Patol)  65. Brahmi / Kaarivanaa (Mandukparni)
16. Khaajkuyali ( Kapikachha)  66.  Bel (Bilva)
17.  Kawath (Kapittha)  67. Behadaa / Ghoduk (Bibheetak)
18. Koranti (Sahachar)  68. Bhaarangi / Bhaargi
19. Kaadechirait (Kiratatikta)  69. Bhokar (Shleshmantak)
20. Karle (Kaarvellak)  70. Bhui aawalaa (Bhumyamalaki)
21. Kaasawinda (Kaasmarda)  71. Gelphal (Madanphal)
22. Kudaa (Kutaj)  72. Mahalung (Matulung)
23. Kush  73. Maakaa (Bhrungaraaj)
24. Uplet (Kushtha)  74. Miri
25. Korphad (Kumari)  75.  Murudsheng (Aavartani)
26. Kaandvel / Haadsandhi /
Haadhod (Asthisandhanak)
 76. Mendi (Medika)
27. Khaira (Khadir)  77. Raktachandan
28. Gavati chahaa / Paati chahaa  78. Raktarohdaa (Rohitak)
29. Gulvel (Gudchi)  79. Ranudid (Maashparni)
30. Gokharu / Saraate (Gukshurak)  80. Raanmoog (Mugdaparni)
31. Gokarna  81. Ringani (Kantakaari)
32. Chameli  82. Ritha (Arishtaka)
33. Jaai  83. Rui (Arka)
34.  Chitrak (Agni)  84. Waakeri
35. Jaswand (Japaa)  85. Kaaraande (Waaraahikand)
36. Shirdodi (Jeevanti)  86. Waawadinga (Widanga)
37. Jyeshthamadha (Yashtimadhu)  87. Waalaa / Khus (Ushir)
38. Daalimb  88. Vekhand
39. Dikemaali (Naadihingu)  89. Shataavari
40. Dorli (Bruhati)  90. Unhaali ( Sharapunkhaa)
41. Taalimkhaanaa (Kokilaakshbeej)  91. Sadaphuli
42. Tandulja  92. Sabja
43. Tulas  93. Salawan (Shaaliparni)
44. Darbha  94. Shirish
45. Dalchini (Tvak)  95. Shevagaa (Shobhaanjan)
46. Durva  96. Shankhapushpi
47. Danti (Jamaalgota)  97. Saatvin (Saptaparni)
48. Dhamasa (Dhanvayaas)  98. Saagargotaa (Lataakaranj)
49. Naagchapha (Naagkeshar )  99. Anantmul (Saarichaa)
50. Naagvel / Vidya che pananchi vel  100. Halad (Haridra)
51. Nagarmotha (Mustaa)  101. Hiradaa / Hele (Haritaki)
102. Paanphuti (Paanpoya)
 102. Paanphuti (Paanpoya)

 Apart from the above, you can grow even more plants if you know about them.  If you have special knowledge about medicinal plants, please type it and send to Vaidyaraj Megharaj Paradkar at Goa on [email protected]