Girgaum Police refuse to file complaint against M.F. Hussain

Girgaum Police Inspector Shri Agrawal, today refused to file a complaint by proud Hindus against Hussain’s blasphemous artistry on the pretext that the said offense fell into the domain of Cyber crime cell of Mumbai.

Pune : A Statue of M.F. Hussain was burned down at Pune Fergusson college quadrangle by "Matoshree Sansthan".

Exposing the Maharashtra Police Force who is under the anti-Hindu Congress Government!
"Sadrakshanaay Khalanigranaay"(for protecting the good and annihilating the evil) is what is read on the Policemen’s emblem! This should be replaced by "Sadbhakshanaay Khalasangamaay"(for exploiting the pious and joining hands with the evil). The Maharashtra Police have once again proved why they are one of the most corrupt and infamous Police force in this world!
Miraj : Policemen misbehave with Hindus who wanted to complain against M.F. Hussain

We have here the word to word conversation between Proud Hindu Shri Raghavendra Acharya and Police inspector Shri Bajirao Patil who misbehaved with Shri Acharya.

Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : "Who are you and from where have you come ?"
Shri Acharya: "I am from Miraj itself, I own a hotel."
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : "Which hotel ?"
Shri Acharya: "A Breakfast hotel"
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : "What application is this ? What proof do you have against this ? Where is this book available ? have you brought it along with you or have just brought the application ? or just come thrust it in Policemen’s *****(vulgar slang word) and get lost ?"
(It does not even take an educated person to know that it is Policemen’s responsibility to find out the proofs and carry out an investigation. If the victim is to provide the proofs of a crime, then what is the need for the burdensome Police department? Do the police ask for such proof from victims of rape or theft too? Use of indecent slang or abusive language against pious victims is a common habit of servants of this infamous force!)
Shri Acharya: We have seen these pictures in a book with a traveller while going to Kolhapur.
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : Where is the book ? Have you brought the book ? Bring the book and show me.
Shri Acharya: Sir, Putting up an application for complaint is my job whereas searching for the proof and carrying out investigation is your job.
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : Va re Patthya (good one man!). now stand straight! (in a stern voice)
(three other havaldars laughed in an evil cackle and one of them rebuked Shri Acharya, "stand 3 feet away !". All these sentences were used in a disrespectful singular note as if addressing a toddler.)
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : Do you know that Hussain has been awarded "Bharatratna"
Shri Acharya: "That is unfortunate"
Police Inspector Shri Bajirao Patil : I too am a Hindu, an Indian and from this place. (yells at some havaldar), "Someone take down this complaint"

What has the Government that promptly banned books of Salman Rushdie done against the paintings of M.F. Hussain ? The pseudo-secular congress government has nothing to do with sentiments of Hindus!

Hindu Janjagruti Samiti took up a press conference today with the reporters of all leading newspapers. In this conference the Samiti has asked the Government to show what it has done against the artist who has offended Hindu sentiments. The Samiti also declared to the press various campaigns, protests and complaints that have been recorded against M.F. Hussain.

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