NDTV changed the decision to give Award to Hussain

Paush Paurnima/ Krushna Pratipada

By the grace of God & protest by staunch Hindus NDTV has cancelled ‘Man of Year Award 2008’ to anti-Hindu painter Hussain & instead it was given to Shri. L.K. Advani, BJP leader. See the detail news below:

The private cable operators in Jalgaon having pride for Dharma, immediately banned the telecast by ‘N.D.T.V.’ as soon as they were made aware about the action of N.D.T.V. that was going to harm the Dharma. Hindu Organisations like VHP and Sangh Pariwar should take the initiative to arrest such type of harm that is causing to Hindu Dharma. So that HJS can concentrate on its main mission of giving Dharmashikshan to Hindus to make them proud of their Dharma ! – Editor

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): N.D.T.V. had planned to give ‘Man of the year’ award to anti-Hindu painter M.F. Hussain who had painted nude pictures of Hindu Deities and Bharatmata. (Announcing such an award to the painter painting anti-Hindu pictures amounts to an attempt of N.D.T.V. to annoy Hindus’ feelings  ! – Editor) Due to the agitation by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) opposing the plan to give the award to Hussain  and  the ban initiated by all the cable operators on all the programmes by  N.D.T.V. it  had to give the ‘Man of the year’ award to Shri. Lalkrushna Adwani instead by changing their plan.

HJS had started the agitation to oppose the plan  in order to stop the publicity of anti-Hindu painter Hussain planned by N.D.T.V. As soon as HJS had gaven a call to all the cable operators in Jalgao to ban N.D.T.V. all of them initiated the ban instantly by registering their protest. (Congratulations to all the cable operators in Jalgao for protesting against N.D.T.V. for hurting the feelings of millions of Hindus by announcing the award to Hussain on principle expressing their pride for Dharma. Others also should learn a lesson from this ! – Editor) 

Thereafter HJS had brought to the notice of the publishing media about this news by organising a press conference. Due to strong stand taken by all the cable operators against N.D.T.V, N.D.T.V. had to bow before the feelings of the proud Hindus. During award giving ceremony that had taken place on 23rd January i.e. yesterday N.D.T.V. had to give the award to BJP leader Shri. Lalkrushna Adwani instead. (Defeat the anti-Hindu media like this everywhere ! – Editor)

The owner of ‘Sai Vision’ and the councilor of the Jalgao Municipal Corporation, Shri. Ashwin Sonavne, BJP and the owner of ‘Ekata Vision’ Shri. Shrad Tayade banned the telecast from N.D.T.V. instantly. The private cable operators from places like Yawal, Faizpur, Amalner, Dharangao also supported the cause by stopping their telecast from N.D.T.V. (Congratulations to Shri. Ashwin Sonavne, Shri. Shrad Tayade and the private cable operators for stopping the telecast from N.D.T.V. showing their protest against the award to be given to anti-nation Hussain ! – Editor)

In spite of the instruction from Shri. Pathak from N.D.T.V. to the private cable operators from Jalgao to start the telecast on telephone they did not pay any hid to it and continued with their ban firmly. (Such private cable operators remaining firm on the decision instead of caring for business for the sake of maintaining the interest of Hindus should be found every where ! – Editor) 

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Jalgaon Hindus to ban telecast of NDTV in city

Jaunary 21, 2008

Paush Krushna Ekadashi

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): The NDTV has announced their Man of the year award to the controversial painter M.F.Hussain for year 2008. The channel refused to the demand made by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti not to give this award to such controversial person.  Hence proud Hindus in Jalgaon have decided to ban the telecast of NDTV in the meeting held by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti in Jalgaon. (Every Hindu should learn from such Dharmabhimani Hindus. We are proud of such Hindus, those are coming together to stop any move against our Dharma – Editor)

The convener of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti Shri Rajan Bunage took a review of the last HJS meeting. Shri Joglekar of Dharmashakti Sena informed about the aggravating behavior of Muslims with Hindus in the country. Also it’s been decided in the meeting that the HJS member are going to visit schools and colleges and will edify students and people not to use the plastic and paper flags as they may cause insult to our nation’s honor and pride. (Numerous flags are been lying on the road just after celebrating the Republic day, which definitely is a shame and insult to our national pride and honor – Editor) 

Also the activists are planning to put poster and will distribute pamphlets to stop use of plastic and paper flags. To organize ‘FACT’ exhibition in Yawal, gathering of all Hindus on the occasion of Makar Sankranti on 24, 26 and 29 January at Faizpur, Amalner and Dharangaon will be organized respectively. To protest using of the pictures of deities and god on the grain bags was also decided in the meeting. The activists also passed three resolution like not to say hello on the phone, instead they will say ‘Namaskaar’, like western culture we will not say mummy and daddy but we will say Aai and Baba. Also they decided to fold hands and say Namaskaar instead of shaking hands like foreigners.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

NDTV award to MF Hussain: Protest letter from proud Hindus :


I would like to register my protest with you (NDTV) for deciding to confer an award ‘Man of the Year’ to MF Hussain. I wonder what is NDTV trying to prove by felicitating an Anti-Hindu bigot like Hussain who has hurt my religious sentiments and of millions of other Hindus/Indians around the world. A mere look at his so-called painting (Source: https://www.hindujagruti.org/activities/campaigns/national/mfhussain-campaign/) makes his prejudice and perversion clear. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see through his bias against Hindu Gods and Goddesses only. He draws naked paintings of only Hindu Gods and Goddesses and not of Muslim or Christian men and women whom he depicts in full clothing. Which clearly shows his prejudice. He associates by painting holy Hindu symbols like Satya or Swastik along with mass murderer Hitler (shown naked by him) despite knowing that Hitler misrepresented the true meaning of this symbol, which is peace and prosperity. It is a symbol of God. As per his painting he depicts Hitler as evil and hence draws him naked along with Satya or Swastik. And he also draws ONLY Hindu Gods and Goddesses as naked. So by that logic, it seems he believes Hindu Gods and Goddesses are evil. Whatever Evil means as per Abrahamic religions.

So, if as per you this cheap Anti-Hindu filth, which hurts the sentiments of Millions of Hindus, is justified as freedom of expression then so are the cartoons of Mohamed by the Danish cartoonist and the Da-Vinci-Code. How can one be called freedom while the other as blasphemy? Why this bias?

Anyways, I don’t need to explain to you and make you understand because if you did then I wouldn’t have had to write this protest email. I can understand that monetary benefits may compel him/her to do  otherwise but if the Editor-in-Chief of NDTV has even a little bit of respect for the Religious sentiments and rights of Hindus, such a ridiculous decision of commending a bigot like Hussain will not be gone forward with. Here is some food of thought for your conscience. Please watch a discussion on World Peace by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. May be you will learn to have some mutual respect for others.

Dallas, TX

Stop felicitating M.F. Husain

Chair Person/ Management
I have read from somewhere that NDTV is honouring MF Husain with an award by name, ‘Man of the Year’! NDTV needs to understand that it is a crime to paint pictures which cause harm to the sovereignty of the Nation and hurt the feelings of the Hindus purposely under Law 2. So also according to the ‘Prevention of Act’ stated in the Constitution it is forbidden to hurt anybody’s religious feelings. There are complaints against M.F. Hussain from all over the country. You should cancel the function giving this award immediately. Looking to the situation in the country at present, this kind of act appears to be purposeful in order to harm the unity in the country and Hindus’ religious feelings.
MF Husain has time and again hurt sentiments of Devout  Hindus by painting several Gods and Goddeses in derogatory vulgar postures, in the nude and with broken limbs and publicizing his paintings in public exhibitions, which are open to all people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Doing so, he has broken the country’s laws and is a criminal. By Felicitating such a criminal of devout Hindus,  NDTV is acting as a agent of the Atheistic Anti-Hindus who take pride in hurting Sentiments of devout Hindus. This action will result in us comprehending legal action against NDTV and publicizing this attitude of NDTV and also calling for a ban on the channel.
As a devout Hindu myself, I request immediate cancellation of the award.
May God bless you with Suitable Intellect.
Anant Vasudevan

Hindus, protest against NDTV which is to honor Hussain!

Paush Shuddha Dwadashi

Mumbai: N.D.T.V. news channel has planned to felicitate painter M.F. Hussain who hates our country and Dharma, with an award by name, ‘Man of the Year’. Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) has handed over a letter to N.D.T.V. opposing its decision. (N.D.T.V. had published that, since more than 1250 complaints against M.F. Hussain for painting nude pictures of Bharatmata and Hindu Deities have been registered he is scared to visit Bharat and now the same channel is inviting him to accept the award. This proves that the said channel too is anti-Hindu. One must find out from where these anti-Hindu channels get their funds! – Editor)

The said letter states that it is a crime to paint pictures which cause harm to the sovereignty of the Nation and hurt the feelings of the Hindus purposely under Law 2. So also according to the ‘Prevention of Act’ stated in the Constitution it is forbidden to hurt anybody’s religious feelings. There are complaints against M.F. Hussain from all over the country. You should cancel the function giving this award immediately. Looking to the situation in the country at present, this kind of act appears to be purposeful in order to harm the unity in the country and Hindus’ religious feelings.

A responsible channel like N.D.T.V. should not undertake such an act which would be worthy to be blamed. If the said channel decides to go ahead with the award giving ceremony then it would be responsible for any untoward incidences of expressing fury by the people. Proud Hindus are registering their opposition on the following address.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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