We don’t believe in the word ‘secular’ – ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale

HJS’ Press Conference at Nasik

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) held a press conference at Nasik on 7th September 2015 in support of the demand to declare Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra.

‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale

The answers given by ‘Pujya’ Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national Guide of HJS to the questions asked by reporters are given below . . .

Q : You are demanding for Nepal to become a Hindu Rashtra. Don’t you believe in Constitution accepting principle of ‘secular governance’ ?

Answer : When the Constitution was written, the word ‘secular’ did not appear anywhere. In the year 1975 when emergency was imposed on people; neglecting democracy, this word was added to the Constitution. The word ‘Secular’ has no meaning. The partition of this country was done based on religion. Muslims got Pakistan and Hindus got Hindustan and the word ‘secular’ was not there in the Constitution written at that time.

Population of Muslims is more than what is shown in census !

Q: The data collected in Census has been published now. It is quite clear that the population of Hindus has gone down and that of Muslims has gone up !

Answer : Although it has been indicated in Census that the Number of Hindus has gone down and the number of Muslims has gone up; it does not take into account infiltration of Bangladeshis; therefore, this data cannot be accepted. There is every likelihood of number of Muslims being quite high than what has been indicated under Census. It can be presumed that the data collected by the Government is not proper. The meaning of secularism is ‘no religion should be favoured; no religion should be opposed’; but here, there is opposition to Hindu Dharma; Hindus are asked to follow family-planning and people of other religions are extended all types of concessions; we, therefore, blame the elected representatives for violating secularism. Elected representatives are not governing the country as a secular country but are fooling people by playing politics. Population of Hindus is considerably reduced.

Instead of increasing Hindus’ population, there is need to awaken ‘Purushartha’ in Hindus !

Q: Dr. Pravin Togadia of VHP has said that it is necessary to increase population of Hindus. What is your opinion on this ?

Answer : Rather than increasing only population, it is necessary to increase ‘Purushartha’ amongst Hindus. Presently when the number of Hindus is high enough and we are not doing anything, then what will we do if the number increases ? It will be only additional burden on the Mother-Earth. Instead, it is necessary to increase ‘Kshatravrutti’ amongst Hindus. Hindus need to be taught about fighting for their rights.

If Britain’s ambassador can demand Nepal to be declared as a ‘secular’ country; why can’t Narendra Modi make attempts for Nepal to become a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ?

Q: If Hindu Rashtra is to be established in Nepal, how can Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of a ‘secular’ country make such demand ? Only people of Nepal can vote in favour of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Answer : Then we would like to tell Narendra Modi that if he is ‘secular’, he should not have bilateral relations with any Islamic country as they are fanatic powers. If Modi is ‘secular’, he should not have bilateral relations with any Christian country from Europe. If ‘secular’ Government of India can have bilateral relations with other Christian and Islamic countries; then with same analogy, India can interfere in Nepal matter.

Another thing is, whenever something happens in India related to Christians, right from USA to Vatican city, the main place of Christian Sect, interferes in that matter; then is it right ? If something happens to followers of Islam, Islamic countries raise voice against that; therefore, India can also firmly assert her demand at international level. Shri. Narendra Modi can certainly say that Nepal has been receiving huge grants from India; therefore, the system should be run as per the demand of majority of their population. If Hindus who are 80% in Nepal, are demanding ‘Hindu Rashtra’, it would not be wrong for Prime Minister of India to say that Nepal be declared as a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Britain’s Ambassador in Nepal can openly demand that Nepal should become a ‘secular’ country and European countries and Church are spending lot of money to make Nepal a ‘secular’ country; when there is so much of meddling by Christian countries in Nepal’s politics, why can’t Modi Government do anything ? Modi should foil the ploy of Christian countries.

Need to unite Hindu population of Nepal

Q: Majority population in Nepal is demanding ‘Hindu Rashtra’; then can election be held in Nepal to bring ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ?

Answer : In Nepal, it is not governance for the people, by the people and of the people and Christian countries are trying to buy elected representatives for changing the Constitution. People of Nepal have no right to decide about type of governance through elections. Like in India, in Nepal too, policy of ‘Divide and rule’ is being adopted by creating division based on language, region and communities. Reservation is being implemented; therefore, people are fighting amongst themselves and care is taken that they do not get united. We therefore, demand to unite people of Nepal and give fight. Indian intervention is necessary.

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Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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