Huge Hindu Gathering held to reinstate Hindu State in Nepal

Historical Hindu Congregation in Kathmandu for Returning Hindu Rashtra in Nepal

Nepal : Thousands assembled. It took a shape of an ocean. Hindu saints, intellectuals, activists, women folk, youth, aged, commoners all converged in in one place in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Demanding Nepal to be reinstated as a Hindu state a huge mass gathering was organized on August 7 at Khullamanch. The ‘Birat Dharma Sabha’ saw an impressive turnout of Hindu people against secular menace an anti Hindu conspiracy in Nepal, which made a record in the history of congregations in Nepal in recent times.

“Declaring a predominantly Hindu country a secular state would hurt the sentiments of many,” said one of the speakers addressing the gathering. “We participated in the people’s movement to get a nation that was truly ours and not a country in which we are forced to convert to another religion,” he added. Comments were made on the rise in the number of individuals converting to other religions. Religious leaders present at the gathering urged the audience to take up the issue with seriousness and press the Constituent Assembly to amend the provision on religion in the draft constitution.

The speakers in this historic Hindu confluence demand Hindu Rashtra in Nepal,  religious freedom without conversion, total ban on stealthy cow slaughter, honor to Hindu Kingdom in Nepal and protection of Sanskrit and Vedic culture in Nepal. A strong retaliation came up in the congregation against the ‘Christian Conversion’ and the probable Islamic aggression in Nepal.

Enthusiastic supporters thronged the venue carrying National flag of Nepal, saffron and yellow flags with the symbol of Omkar. The Participants were carrying posters and banners demanding Hindu Rashtra as their ultimate goal. The gathering had thrown Valley traffic out of gear for some time. All the prime Hindu organisations like Sanyukt Sanatan Morcha, Nepal Hindu Rashtra Abhiyan, Hindu Dharma Mahasabha Nepal and many other organisations have shown a great Hindu solidarity in Nepal for their demand of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.

According to official statistics, 81.3 percent of Nepal’s population identify themselves as Hindu. The organisers claim there are 90% population belongs to “Omkar Parivar” and obviously of “Sanatana Hindu lineage”. Prior to the China prompted Communist movement in 2008, the country was officially a Hindu state, but was declared a secular state after 2008. Now, the majority people are  giving a Hindu reactions on the issue during feedback collection on the draft constitution.

A faction of the small population has approved of secularism, whereas others are struggling strongly for reinstating Nepal as a Hindu state.

Source : Hindu Existence

Letter to H.H. Swami Kamalnayanacharya Maharaj by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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Much revered
H. H. Swami Kamalnayanacharya Maharaj,
We pay obeisance at your Holy feet.

We are very happy to hear that you are making efforts through your ‘Hindu Rashtraraksha Mahabhiyan’ to make Devbhumi Nepal a ‘Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Rashtra’. The best wishes and support of all Hindutvavadis in Bharat are with you in organizing the huge ‘Dharma Sabha’ to make Nepal a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Nepal has since times immemorial been identified as a Vaidik Sanatan Hindu Rashtra in the form of a Devbhumi (Land of Deities), Shivabhumi (Land of Lord Shiva), Tapobhumi (Land of penance), Dnyanbhumi (Land of knowledge) and Gorakshabumi (Land of protection of cows) under the tenets of Deity Shri Pashupatinath; however, due to the anti-Hindu school of thought and terrorist tendencies of the leftists, Nepal lost its position as a Hindu Rashtra and was declared a ‘secular’ country.

Today, Constitution (Provisional) 2063 is effective in Nepal, in which its ‘secular’ and Republic status have been made irrevocable. Consequently, Dharma in Nepal is facing increasing threats such as that of religious conversions, cow-slaughter. The population of Hindus in Nepal is 82%, most of who feel that Nepal should once again become a Hindu Rashtra.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has always (and will do in future too) morally, politically and in all other ways supported Hindus who as individuals or through organizations, aspire that Nepal becomes a Hindu Rashtra again.

If the ‘secular’ Government of Bharat interferes directly or indirectly to prevent any movement today or in the future in Nepal to make it a Hindu Rashtra again or the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra be brought into effect in Nepal, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti will make suitable representations to the Government of Bharat.

I pray at the Holy feet of God for success in your efforts and that of Hindutvavadis in Nepal to make Nepal a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Yours Sincerely,
(Pujya) Dr. Charudatta Pingale
National Guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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