Aaj tak misguding people about Ravana’s Mummy

Bhadrapad Shuddha Trayodashi

Sangola : ‘Aaj tak’ news channel recently claimed that its photographer and reporter have found out the place where Ravana’s gross body was taken after Sree Rama killed him. In the said news, it is shown that the news channels staffers went to this place where nobody has gone so far. How they overcame obstacles in their path. (After the battle of Rama-Ravana, Prabhu Rama had asked Bibheeshana to perform last rites of Ravana. He enlightened Bibheeshana and advised him that with death of a person, the enmity also ends and therefore, it was proper to perform last rites as per the science. In all holy books like Ramayana written by Maharshi Valmiki, ‘Puranas’ and writings of various saints, the above incident has been mentioned; but ‘Aaj tak’ seems to have found Ravana’s mummy! – Editor)

In the said news item, the photographer and reporter of the channel went to Ragla in Sri Lanka. It is also said that their efforts have been appreciated by the Sri Lankan Government (After such unwanted efforts, the information published by ‘Aaj tak’ channel is exactly opposite of what is given in holy scriptures of Hindus. To change references of holy scriptures is in a way betrayal to Dharma. Who has given right to ‘Aaj tak’ in indulging in such betrayal? Will they dare to organise such drives to unearth the truth mentioned in holy books belonging to other communities like Christians and Muslims? – Editor)

Sri Lanka Government has stated that it would get all the details of this research. The information includes place where Ravana used to land his planes, where his planes were repaired, present condition of Ravana’s dead body, Ravana’s treasure, venomous snakes protecting the treasure etc.  The said staff of the channel took 3-4 hours to reach the cave where Ravana’s dead body is supposed to be kept. It was told that although there were many dangerous wild animals, they tried to search the dead body of Ravana. They informed that after Ravana’s death, Bibheeshana was very eager to get crowned as the king of Sri Lanka. He did not even lift the dead body of Ravana. Followers of ‘Naga’ sect therefore, used the opportunity to take away the body and preserved the same. It was also claimed that the dead body can become alive. (Although Bibheeshana was from the ‘asura’ hierarchy of Ravana, he was ‘sattvik’ and a devotee of Rama. We condemn ‘Aaj tak’ channel for insulting Bibheeshana. It is really a wild imagination of people from ‘Aaj tak’ channel. Is ANS going to file case against ‘Aaj tak’ for spreading superstitions – Editor)

Source: ‘Daily Sanatan Prabhat’

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