‘Dharmashakti Sena’ – to protect Dharma and the Nation !

Chaitra Shuddha Panchami

By Staff Reporter

‘Dharmashakti Sena’

Our responsibilities

We all wish to do something to conserve our Dharma and our nation. When doing so remember that charity begins at home. When implementing any great thought in society the most important thing is beginning from the self. A society which does not think of its protection, which does not fight injustice inflicted on it deserves to be destroyed. In fact with passage of time it undergoes destruction. This is precisely what is happening with respect to Hindus and the common man in this country. To change this scenario great expectations are held with respect to the youth. The biggest responsibility rests on their shoulders. This will not be resolved merely with discussion. Let us analyse how competent the Hindu youth or Hindu (that includes all of us) is today. Leave aside protecting the feeble, are we capable of protecting ourselves, are we united for that ? Ponder on this !

Our weaknesses

At Sangli in broad daylight a one-sided love-lorn youth murdered a girl on the street by stabbing her with a knife. Some onlooker should have done something about this. On the Western new year’s eve on the roadside two young women were stripped of their clothing. We often see people in public places  indulging in eve-teasing. We are helpless because the doer is either the ‘dada’ or the ‘chamcha’ of the dada of that area. Often when travelling by bus or train we see a smoker but do not have the guts to stop him. If someone does try to object then that smoker  retaliates. How many people from that bus or train help the one opposing the smoker ? This weakness of the Hindu goes back to the ancient times . When Robert Clive won the battle of Plassey and his victory rally marched through the streets he had only 150 soldiers with him. Later Robert Clive wrote to the East India Company ‘ If every onlooker on either side of the road were to hurl only one stone at us we would be unable to do anything against them.’ But no one did anything. The state of Hindus in India today is akin to this. It is this feeble state that is causing the state of Hindus and alternatively the nation to deteriorate.

Facts about anti-national and anti-Hindu organisations

Terrorists harbouring the thoughts of missionaries exist in the North-Eastern Indian states. Terrorist organisations claiming that they function on Islamic principles are spread all over the country. Recently a nexus between them and their terrorist counterparts was cracked in Karnataka. However state some Congress leader gave instructions to conduct a slow inquiry in the matter. This was written by a responsible columnist of a newspaper. The political parties are busy in saving their chairs and the opposition parties in politicising national and social issues in their interest. Army platoons  and camps are being attacked by terrorists with bombs. Naxalites are attacking police stations and robbing their weapons. With their communist thinking Naxalites are influencing a number of Indian states. In the South of Bharat Hindu protagonist leaders are being murdered using anti-Hindu media.The hit list of Muslim terrorist organisations like the Al Qaeda include names of Shankaracharya of Puri  to Jagadguru Narendracharya Maharaj. Note that in Kashmir too the modus operandi was the same . Hindu leaders were selectively threatened and murdered one by one. Today  do we have at least one Hindu organisation with firm ideals or one at least to protect Hindus ?

External assistance to anti-nationalists and anti-Hindus

Both terrorists and Naxalites , all those attacking the nation or Hindu religion receive foreign aid. ‘SIMI’ (Students’ Islamic Movement of India) which has been banned  by the Indian government is receiving funds from foreign countries. In Kerala alone this organisation receives 10,000 crores as per information received through the intelligence agency there. Illegal trafficking of opium from countries like Afghanistan and counterfeit notes circulated by organisations such as the ISI is providing these Muslims with a lot of funds. Foreign communists help the Naxalites. Christian missionaries also are funded by foreigners. So contemplate on what can happen to you Hindus and this nation !

We cannot rely on the present government setup in crisis !

Recently when I had been to a government office to seek permission to put up an exhibition against terrorism, the police objected because it would create communal tension, they could not trust the Muslims in that area. If the police is so frightened to reveal the truth that has occurred 18 years ago I wonder how the police will protect those speaking the truth instead of suppressing them against those opposing the revelation of the truth. Will they stand by them ? This is the big question. They probably act on orders from superiors and are frightened to defy them. Forget these things and contemplate on whether you have a Vali to protect you in times of crisis.

All Hindus were driven off from Kashmir !

If anyone has faith in the police or the political setup then remember that the Kashmiri Hindus received no support from the administration, police and army. Yet they had hope that nothing serious would happen, that the state administration would protect them so what if there was a murder or two. But we saw what happened. In the end no one helped them and all Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir.

Failure of the state administration

What will the state machinery which has failed to release the country from the trap of terrorism for two decades, has been unable to control trespass of terrorists into the country, has been unable to stop them from being given refuge in the country,has been unable to control intruders from Bangladesh, has been unable to restrain Naxalites do to protect the common man ?  What will the state machinery where the Police Commissioner refers to a crime of  outraging the modesty of two young women on the road as `simple’, where the righteous have to fear law-breakers, where hooligans freely commit crimes,where criminals become elected representatives of people and make laws for the people, where two policemen could not be saved  from being burnt alive by a Muslim mob in Bhiwandi do anything to protect the common man ? So is there an alternative for us but to protect ourselves ? This state machinery  whether political or bureaucray, is full of vested interests. For it protecting the common man is a burden, a problem. If a common man goes alone to a police station or a government office to make some inquiry then see the treatment meted out to him. In such a state can you trust anyone to come to your rescue ?That is why self-defence and organisations it  teaching it are the need of the hour.

What is self-defence ?

When one talks about self-defence means protection of one’s body because it is with the help of this body  that we can live and perform actions.Just as the body is required for oneself  so is it required for the family, home, locality, colony, village, district, state, nation and Dharma. Only if all these are protected is the self protected.

Dharma is at stake  because of absence of physical strength !

‘ A religious quote states that ‘Dharma is maintained on the basis of physical strength’. In the present times which force is supporting the Hindu religion on the face of this earth ? Neither is there a Hindu nation nor a Bharat with a majority of Hindus ! They are helpless against the  day-to-day attacks on their religion. What happened to Hindus in  Pakistan which has a Muslim majority and in Bangladesh freed by Bharat ? During the partition there were 10 % Hindus in Pakistan. Today they are not even 1% . There were 28 % Hindus in Bangladesh today they are only 8 %. They were neither helped by their relatives from Hindustan nor by its government. Neither they nor their counterparts in Bharat were united. Finally no task can be accomplished without the energy of Dharma. This precept holds good for all the three kals. Remember that simply holding a stick in the hand silences barking dogs, only if a wind blows does the dust spread all over and only if one shouts is there an echo. It is important to comprehend this so as to remain united.

What should one do to awaken Dharmashakti ?

In today’s times man is wishing for a miracle. God does miracles only after man makes appropriate efforts. In a country engulfed with haters of Dharma, nation and society, for the safety of devotees and nationalists, to fight the injustice caused to them and finally to strengthen oneself with Surajya we need to unite likeminded, competent people.  From this viewpoint  with the blessings of saints and the grace of God and continuous efforts, the ideal to be followed is  Chatrapati Shivaraya. When human efforts are combined with  blessings of saints and divine grace Dharmashakti  definitely gets kindled This creates terror in the minds of the cruel and the life of the righteous and ?women becomes peaceful. This is the reason why we require a Dharmashakti Sena.

To protect yopurselves & your family, Join ‘Dharmashakti Sena’. If not, here are the sections which show the pitiable condition of Hindus :

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