Mockery of Goddess Durga ma in Dhanbad in the name of art and technology

The no. of vendors was more in the temple compound who were selling cassettes and CDs of obscene songs
The book exhibition had been put up by the Sanatan during Navratri festival in the temple compound in Vindhyachal. One can reach to the temple from so many lanes. Various types of shops are there in those lanes. Most of these shops are of music CDs and cassettes. In every shop the songs used to be played of Bhojpuri movies in high volume. Those songs were of so lower grade that ordinary people cannot listen to them. Such obscene songs used to be played in high volume throughout the day. In this regard we tried to make one or two shopkeepers understand but nobody was ready to listen. Those who came for the visions and the police too used to gather outside those shops to listen to the songs.


In the name of ‘theme worship the tent prepared as a pyramid to attract people in Dhanbad


For the decoration purpose in front of Durga Ma such type of false dead body was created inside the pyramid tent


The disrespectful picture of Devi Ma published in the Dainik Prabhat Khabar news paper

90% people asked for the spiritual books for free!
In Vindhyachal the public who came for visions, 90% of that crowd was from Bihar area. To whomever we showed the books he used to say’ �Give the book of Rs 50. in 30 Rs., leave 2 Rs. of the cover, give us for free, you are doing spread of spirituality and selling books at so expensive price that an ordinary person would not know about righteousness� etc. We had to convince them again and again. During 9 days we met only 1 or 2 people who bought the books without saying anything. Some people used to say, �give us Rs. 2- 4 discount. You get the commission, adjust the difference from your pocket.� Nobody was ready to listen to the chanting of family deity and Datta Treya as is required as per the science. The curiosity was not seen in people to know about the scientific method of doing Namaskar or how to perform aarti. Few people used to say, �I know more than is written in the books�. Many times people used to come after seeing the girls standing in the exhibition.

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