Novel platform for spread of ‘Gou-vigyan’ : ‘Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan’

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On the occasion of second ‘Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan (PCM)’ being held at Sangli, Maharashtra.

Introduction of ‘Gavya-Siddhacharya’ Niranjan bhai Verma

‘Gavya-Siddhacharya’ Niranjan bhai Verma is the Founder of ‘Maharshi Vagbhatta Gou-shala’ located at Kattabakkam in Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu. He is a staunch pro- Hindu activist and has been conducting research on milk, curd, ghee, ‘gou-mutra’ and ‘goumaya’, all 5 items are together known as ‘Panchagavya’, obtained from Indian cow. Niranjanbhai Verma pays visit to various parts of India and creates awareness amongst people towards products obtained from cow and related science, ‘Gou-vidnyan’. More than 100 ‘Gavyasiddha (Vaidyas/ doctors who treat people for various ailments using ‘Panchagavya’), inspired by him, are successfully treating incurable diseases all over India. Many ‘gou-shalas’ are becoming financially independent and many farmers have shifted to organic farming. In June 2014, ‘Gavya-Siddhacharya’ Niranjan bhai Verma attended the third ‘All-India Hindu Convention’ held at Ramnathi, Goa by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). He always extends help to Sanatan Sanstha’s activities.  

‘Maharshi Vagbhatt Gou-shala’ from Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, will be holding second ‘All-India Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan’ between 14th and 16thNovember 2014 in Sangli. Let us try to know the background, purpose and specialities of this ‘Mahasammelan’ through this article.

1. Indian cow, the source of prosperity of this country in ancient India has become extinct today

The British had realized that if Indian cows were destroyed, they would be able to rule over India and they worked towards eradication of cows. The cunning British made different laws to eliminate Indian cows. Unfortunately, after independence, the rulers carried on same policies as adopted by the British. With the support of Government, thousands of cows are being slaughtered openly, in authorized and unauthorized manner, throughout this country. There were about 34 crores of cows when India got freedom and today, only 3-3.5 crores are left. If the present policies are followed, Indian cow will be seen only in pictures.

2. Economy based on ‘gou-mata’ needs to be created for reviving India’s prosperity 

Late Rajiv Dixit had tried to find out reasons of deterioration of India and what should be done to regain India’s position as ‘Jagat-Guru’. We became independent geographically but we are still mental slaves of western culture. Rajiv bhai realized that till we did not throw away these fetters of slavery, India would not prosper. So, if India is to regain her prosperity, we have to spread ancient Indian ‘Gou-vidnyan’ and a system should be devised that works keeping ‘Gou-mata’ as the base. This was the thought presented by Rajiv bhai.

3. The best solution to stop cow-slaughter and stop farmers from committing suicide

Use of Gou-mata is not limited to farming and milk but it has the power of curing every disease in this world. Even if Indian cow does not give milk, its ‘gou-mutra’ and ‘goumaya’ can be used for making precious medicines. Indian cow gives 2 litres milk, 3 litres ‘gou-mutra’ and 10 kg of ‘cow-dung’ every day and has thus, capacity to earn minimum of Rs. 3 lakhs every year. If one understands this financial gain, cow-slaughter and farmers’ suicides will stop immediately; making India as a healthy country. Setting up of ‘Maharshi Vagbhatt Gou-shala (MVG)’ in 1999 was inspired by late Rajiv ji for creating awareness and spreading the importance of financial gain and ‘Gou-vidnyan’ and it has been working towards this goal all over the country, since then.

4. ‘Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan’ organized every year for propagation of ‘Gou-vidnyan’

Every year on the day of ‘Kalbhairavashtami’, which is the birth anniversary of late Rajivbhai Dixit, MVG and ‘Panchgavya Anusandhan Centre’ organize ‘Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan’. Every year, it is organized in different parts of India. In next few years, there are plans to organize the ‘Mahasammelan’ in Jharkhand, Haryana and Nepal. This year is the birth-centenary year of ‘Geetacharya’ Tukaramdada, the staunch supporter of ‘Gram-swarajya’ and on this occasion, with the association of ‘Gou-shalas’ at Audumbar, Sangli, this year’s ‘Mahasammelan’ will be held at Audumbar and Sangli.

5. Objectives of ‘Panchagavya Chikitsa Mahasammelan’

a. Protection and growth of all species of Indian cow

b. Teaching ‘Gou-paalaks (Caretakers of cows)’ to make good use of ‘gavya (milk, gou-mutra (cow’s urine)’ and ‘goumay (cow-dung)’ of ‘gou-mata’

c. Today, hundreds of people are treating patients based on ‘Panchgavya’ in India. To bring together these people and make available an independent platform to them.  

d. Give extensive publicity to efforts made related to ‘Gou-vidnyan’

e. To create independent ‘gou-shalas’ at homes of Indian farmers reviving organic farming

Special features of ‘Mahasammelan’

a. Scientists from all over India who are conducting research on ‘Panchagavya’, doctors successfully using ‘Panchagavya’ therapy to cure incurable diseases, advocates taking active part in the mission of protection of cows, ‘gou-rakshaks’ and ‘gou-premis’ will come together in large number.

b. Various research-papers will be read during this ‘Mahasammelan’ to be held for 3 days.

c. Several patients, who got cured with ‘Panchagavya’ therapy, will narrate their experiences.

d. As per one ideology, some people feel that it is difficult to maintain Indian cow. Many examples will be given in this ‘Mahasammelan’ to show that cow is Deity ‘Lakshmi’ countering the above ideology.

e. Information will be given on useful medicines made from ‘Panchagavya’, organic fertilizers and pesticides for farming; besides giving information on new equipment related to ‘Panchagavya’.

f. Guidance will be given in this ‘Mahasammelan’ on how ‘gou-shalas’ should become self-sufficient.          

g. Initiation ceremony for students, who have passed the course of ‘Panchagavya Gurukulamma Gavyasiddha’, will also be held during ‘Mahasammelan’.

h. ‘Sarva-gavya-siddha (doctors who treat patients through ‘Panchagavya’ therapy)’ will take oath of making India a healthy nation. Persons doing commendable work in the field of ‘Gou-samvardhan’, will be felicitated.

i. Food served during this ‘Mahasammelan’ will be made from food-grain grown through organic farming. The organizers had planned to cultivate crop through organic farming for past one year and the purpose behind it is spread of organic farming.

j. There will be official declaration of setting up of ‘All-India Panchagavya Chikitsak Sangh’ during this ‘Mahasammelan’. ‘Panchgavya Chikitsak Sangh (PCS)’ will be an all-India organization of ‘Gavyasiddhas (doctors who treat patients with ‘Panchagavya therapy)’.

k. A topic on spiritual research in connection with ‘Gou-mata’ will be presented during this ‘Mahasammelan’ on behalf of University of Spiritual Science on 14.11. 2014. 

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