Strengthening pro-Hindu organisations is the need of the hour : Dattatreya Hosabale, Sarkaryavah, RSS

Strengthening pro-Hindu organisations is the need of the hour which requires mutual coordination, cooperation and exchange of information, etc. Hindu culture’s contribution to the world is very high. It is necessary to revive all pro-Hindu organisations to truly influence humanity. Policies are to be set for facing the challenges. Only then, it will revive Hindus which is a grave need of the hour, stated Sarkaryavah of RSS, Dattatreya Hosabale, in his speech during the evening session on the first day of ‘World Hindu Congress’ on the subject ‘Revival of organisational power and resuscitation of Hindus’.

Mr Hosabale stated further –

The process of Hindu revival has started at the global level. There is a new awareness amongst Hindus, besides, there is a propagation of Hindutva through the medium of Yoga, Ayurveda, etc. Non-Hindus have also developed an interest in Hindu Dharma.

Hindu culture will, however, have to face opposition, insult and mockery. The present time has seen acceptance and respect for Hindu Dharma at the global level. The money and knowledge should be used for social welfare.

There are bigger challenges before us, such as conversion of Hindus, abuse of Hindus’ human rights, lack of forceful presentation of Hindutva in the education field, absence of Hindus in media, and lack of effective political voice of Hindus in many countries, etc.

Hindus, and mainly the Hindu young generation, lack knowledge of their own Dharma. The youth should be guided in their own language, by using technology, for the practical goals of life.

Showing vulgar matter and streaming those is an anti-national act – Uday Mahurkar

Uday Mahurkar, the former Information Commissioner of India, a renowned writer and historian, addressed a session in the ‘World Hindu Congress’ on ‘Policy, Regulation & Technology in fast-changing media landscape’ wherein he said that the programmes shown on OTT streaming services like Netflix are having a terrible effect on Hindus. The effect is so harmful that the people, who are making such web series, are causing more damage to Hindus than the damage caused by even Alauddin Khilji and Aurangzeb. It is necessary to pass a stringent law in this context. There should be a provision in this law, under which showing vulgar programmes and streaming them should be considered as anti-national acts.

Liberating Kashi and Mathura temples – Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, Supreme Court Lawyer, New Delhi, Bharat

If Muslim law and Muslim concept is, once a mosque is always a mosque and once a Waqf is always a Waqf, then it is Sanatan concept also that, once a temple is always a temple.

Supreme Court has said in its judgement on Ram Mandir case, that rights of the Deity once installed will never diminish.

If at any place a Deity is installed that pious commitment is given a juristic entity which is similar to a company which remains to be a legal entity even though members and directors may come and go.

Guidance by Saints and spiritual leaders necessary for revival of Hindus – Madhu Pandit Dasa, President, ISKCON, Bengaluru

There is misleading information spread about Sanatan Dharma by media and influential personalities of the modern world, creating confusion about Hindu Dharma and various customs and traditions followed by Hindus. The lack of Dharmashikshan has led to the young Hindu generation not following cultural traditions. We have, therefore, drifted away from our glorifying history. It emphasises the need for Hindu revival. It will also help India to regain whatever it has lost and help in the welfare of society, state, nation, and world in a true sense. Seeking guidance from Saints and spiritual leaders is the most essential for the resuscitation of Hindus.

If the original Bharatiya philosophy is taught in education, half of the problems will be removed – Abhijit Majumdar

Co-Founder of Earshot and consulting editor for CNN-News18, Mr Abhijit Majumdar stated that India can be the most powerful information source in the world. We need to fix our education, roll out the National Education Policy as fast as possible, overhaul the national curriculum framework, purge the school books of colonial, Islamist and leftist lies and filth, strengthen learning in mother tongue, and use English as an international bridge language, introduce basic Bharatiya philosophy from primary school. Half of this civilization’s challenges will disappear in the next one or two generations if we fix that because that is the source.

Source : Sanatan Prabhat

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