The need to stand behind Israel at the global level against Jihadi terrorism ! – HJS

Condemn Hamas attack on Israel; Condemn Congress for supporting terrorists !

Recently, terrorists belonging to the terrorist organisation Hamas in Palestine attacked Israel with thousands of rockets. The attack that was from land as well as by sea killed hundreds of innocent Israeli citizens. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti strongly condemns this terrorist attack and there is a need to stand with Israel globally against the Jihadi terrorism, said the National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr Ramesh Shinde. Jewish brothers are living peacefully in India too. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti wholeheartedly supports the Jew brethren, added Mr Shinde.

Today there was an attack in Israel, earlier such terrorist attacks were also happening in Kashmir; such attacks can happen anywhere else in the world tomorrow. Jihadi terrorism is an international nuisance. It should be opposed globally. In this regard, Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modiji immediately condemned the attack on Israel and took a stand in its support, meaning against the Jihadi terrorism. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also supports this stance of the Government of India. Unfortunately, after the Central Committee meeting of the Congress Party, the Party has announced that it has taken a stand in support of Palestine. On the one hand, the Congress Party advocated the right of Palestine to own land, right of self-governance and a life of self-respect and dignity; but on the other hand, from the same Palestinian land, the terrorist organisation Hamas attacked Israel and killed thousands of innocent citizens, abducted women and tortured them, and the Congress Party has not uttered a word about this terrorist act. If Palestine people have the right to live with self-respect and dignity, then shouldn’t the Israeli people also have the same right ? Does the Congress expect them to perform gandhigiri (an act of turning the other cheek without resisting when slapped on one cheek) (face the consequences without resistance in this case) after Israel was attacked ? The Congress stance is surely that of supporting Jihadi terrorism. Therefore, the Committee has said that besides condemning the attack by Hamas on Israel, the Congress which supports Jihadi terrorism should be condemned as much.

Similarly, the students of Aligarh Muslim University also took out protest marches against Israel, and this happens to be a very serious matter. The students of Aligarh Muslim University are openly supporting the terrorist organisation Hamas. We are also demanding that this incident should be investigated through the National Investigation Agency (NIA), added Mr Shinde at this time.

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