We will have to take into account even internal enemies, along with Pakistan and China ! – Col. RSN Singh (Rtd.), Defence Expert

Special discussions : “Who are the internal enemies of India ?’

Many countries have suffered due to their internal enemies. We have seen the partition of the Soviet Union into many countries because of its internal enemies and cultural differences, despite its having all kinds of arms. Many enemies of India are attacking through different means. Presently, a ‘proxy’ war is going on in India among the attackers are groups of a few anti-national political parties, educational institutions, lawyers, and journalists. Internal enemies are always the cause of the fall of a country rather than its external enemies; therefore, we will have to take into account not only Pakistan and China but also the internal enemies, stated Col RSN Singh (Rtd.), a defence expert from Delhi and the author of a book titled ‘Bharat ke Andruni Shatru (Internal enemies of India)’. He participated in the special online discussions programme held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the topic ‘Who are India’s internal enemies ?’ Narendra Surve, the Spokesperson of HJS, Delhi, held a talk with him.

Colonel Singh said further that our fight is not only with Pakistan, but it is with ‘jihad’ created there. We will have to fight with many anti-India factions like people who support and help this jihad; the Communist Party of China, and their Maoists, who have good relations with churches in India, etc, and many such anti-National factions. Most of the countries in the world are formed based on the religion/sect followed by the majority population in those countries. Pakistan separated from India and was given to Muslims. Religion or Sect plays an important role in any war. It is observed even in the war between Israel and Palestine going on right now.

How can a country be built when the majority population of that country is divided ? Hindu genocide happened in Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh. What is the alternative for the remaining Hindus in those countries ? There was a time when it was a curse to be a follower of ‘Sanatan Dharma’ or a patriot. Now, the time has changed. Respect the people who protect you. When you are in trouble, pro-Hindu organisations come to your help. No Government machinery comes to your rescue. Which Government system saved Hindus when riots broke out in Delhi ? Col RSN Singh appealed to Hindus to have self-respect and march ahead with self-confidence; then, no force in the world would look down upon them.

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