‘Will Sanatan Dharma be destroyed like dengue, malaria ?’

Will the Tamil Nadu Government, which has taken over the temples and runs them, also destroy the temples of Sanatan Dharma ? – Gayatri N, Founder, Bharat Voice

The Sports Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr Udayanidhi Stalin – a self-proclaimed Christian wants to destroy Sanatan Dharma; but the Tamil Nadu Government, which operates on Dravidian ideology, has not been able to eradicate casteism there. On the contrary, it has grown a lot. The Hindus there have become desperate today. Ancient Hindu temples are being demolished in Tamil Nadu in the name of encroachment; however, the churches and the mosques are left untouched. DMK Government sees discrimination among Hindus; but it turns a blind eye towards the discrimination in the churches. Temples in Tamil Nadu are taken over by the Government and the Ministers who govern the temples are trying to destroy Sanatan Dharma. Will such a Government govern Hindu temples or destroy them ? This question was raised by Gayatri N, founder of Bharat Voice. She was speaking during a special dialogue organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the topic ‘Will Sanatan Dharma be destroyed like dengue and malaria ?’ Delhi spokesperson of HJS Mr Narendra Surve interacted with her during the dialogue.

Criticism of Sanatan Dharma with lust for power !

During the dialogue, the former reporter J.K. of mega TV P Guru’s host, said that the ideology of Dravidian culture of DMK party is anti-Sanatan. Because of this they first opposed the Brahmans, then broke the Idols of the Hindu Deities, insulted the Deities. DMK leaders feel that they got power by doing all this. Making the statement that ‘Sanatan Dharma should be destroyed’ is also a part of this opposition. Hindus should unite today and oppose this. Supporters of DMK consider India’s Independence Day as Black Day. They want Tamil Nadu to be ruled by the British. The opposition parties have formed an alliance at the national level called ‘I.N.D.I.A.’ He also said that such statements are being made to pressurise the leaders of this alliance to take more seats and claim for the Prime Ministership of the alliance.

During this dialogue, organiser for India’s east and north-east region for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr Shambhu Gaware said that even after making hateful statements about Sanatan Dharma, not a single case has been registered against Udayanidhi Stalin in Tamil Nadu. On the contrary, Hindus and Hindu organisations opposing and protesting against Udayanidhi’s objectionable statements are being arrested and booked. This is a very painful situation. We demand that action should be taken against Udayanidhi Stalin and other culprits by taking cognizance of this movement.

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