IIT Delhi professor Divya Dwivedi calls for wiping out Hinduism from India at G20

While India has opened its arms to welcoming world leaders and dignitaries for the prestigious G20 Summit being held in the national capital on September 9 and 10, 2023, the left-leaning liberal brigade is seizing the occasion to display their innate anti-Hindu and anti-India prejudice. Divya Dwivedi, an IIT Delhi professor, is one such ardent member of this cabal who could not hide her hate for Modi and Hindus and brazenly went on to utilize the G20 platform to hurl venom against Hinduism and India.

Speaking to the French media outlet France 24, Dwivedi, who is also a columnist associated with several leftist media portals like The Caravan, Wire and Scroll.in, said that she sees the future of India without Hinduism. “There are two Indias. Past India of racialized caste order oppressing the majority population and then there is the India of the future that is an egalitarian India without caste oppression and Hinduism. That is the India which is not yet represented but is waiting, longing for the world to show its visage to the world.”

At this point, the France 24 journalist questioning her shared the story of a humble Indian rickshaw puller to ask her opinion on how measures like digitisation and globalisation undertaken by India are benefiting the citizens of the country. He told Divya Dwivedi that the rickshaw puller explained to him how PM Modi’s Digital India initiative helped him connect not just with his clients, but with the entire world, and grow his business. He inquired with the IIT professor whether or not the personal experience of the rickshaw puller is sufficient to ensure that the “future is smiling upon India”. However, motivated by her avid hate for Modi, the professor dismisses the French journalist’s inquiry, referring to such stories as “mediatised anecdotes.”

Following in the footsteps of several Indian leftist liberals and politicians, such as Congress blue-eyed boy Rahul Gandhi, who takes pride in disparaging India on global platforms, Divya Dwivedi continued to spew venom against India, claiming that severe castism and discrimination have been prevalent in the country for years and continues to dominate India even today.

As if the vitriol she spewed against Hindusim and Modi wasn’t enough, the IIT professor went on to further show India in low light in front of the global media by inferring that only a handful of India’s upper caste continues to hold lucrative and powerful positions in the country. She basically tried to imply that not only minorities are being discriminated against in Modi’s India, but so are other communities like Dalit communities, Tribal communities, and lower-caste communities.

“If we go beyond the mediatised anecdotes such as the one of the rickshaw puller we should first keep in mind the basic principle to understand the split within Indian society which is that India has been shaped over the 300 years by the racialised order of caste where 10 per cent of the upper caste are a minority but they occupy 90 per cent of the lucrative and powerful positions that continues even today,” she is heard saying, with special emphasis on the words ‘even today.’

When the France 24 journalist interjects and tells Divya Dwivedi that India is not the only place where discrimination exists, the IIT professional briefly agrees with him before quickly returning to berating India and the Indian government.

“90 per cent of the Indian population which over 3000 years has been experiencing dissent-based racialised oppression, exclusion and even false to hoax representation in the form of Hindu religion and that is the India we now see is being emblematised…put forward even in this conference right up to the colours of the logo which represents the colours of the ruling party.

Source : OpIndia

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