An increase in demand for ‘Halal Holidays’ by Muslims worldwide

(‘Halal Holidays’ is the ability to enjoy holidays following all Islamic tenets)

  • From this, it is clearly understood that for Muslims their religion is of primary importance at all times.
  • If Hindus make such a demand for Hindu Tourism, then there would be a huge objection calling it the saffronisation of tourism. Rest assured that not a single country will cry out against ‘Islamic Tourism’.
  • It would not be wrong if anybody feels that if in India there is demand for ‘Halal Tourism’ these places will be the centre for the conversion of Hindus. – Editor
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London (Britain) : There is an increase in the Muslims’ demand for ‘Halal Holidays’. It is said that for these types of Holidays, the Muslims are primarily choosing Muslim countries.

1. Britain’s Muslim celebrity Zahara Roza has said that she has enjoyed more than 30 such holidays. The greatest difference between ‘Halal Holidays’ and ‘ordinary holidays’ is that there is privacy. Halal food is also easily available on Halal Holidays she said.

2. 36-year-old Muslim lady Hezer Sujoglu Adigujai from Istanbul (Turkey) said, that there is no issue about finding a Halal Holiday location in Turkiye. But when she and her family non-Islamic countries for a holiday we face a lot of difficulty finding a halal hotel. Adigujai offers namaz 5 times a day. Halal hotels supply prayer mats for offering namaz. We desire that our children should stay with people who follow our religion and culture. The Tourism Industry has not yet developed the concept of ‘Halal Holidays’, expressed Ms Adigujai.

3. According to the ‘Global Muslim Travel Index’ in 2022 the ‘Halal Travel’ business was to the tune of 220 million dollars. Some companies show a preference for ‘Halal Tourism’ while some consider it as an alternative.

4. Maldives Tourism Minister Dr Abdulla Mousam said, ‘Maldives is an Islamic country and we have always had tourism which is favourable for the Muslims. And it is expanding very rapidly. In many resorts, the disbursement of rooms, the design of the rooms and the eatables are all such that they are favourable for Muslims.

Malaysia is in the prime position for ‘Halal Tourism’

According to the ‘Global Muslim Travel Index’, it is reported that Muslim countries are way ahead in the field of ‘Halal Tourism’. This includes Indonesia and Malaysia, which are countries that are way ahead in the list of tourist places. There are only two non-Muslim countries in this list which are, Singapore which is at the 11th place, and Britain which is at the 20th place. “Halal Meat’ is now served in London’s 5-star hotels. The Hotel staff have also been trained to create an understanding of the Islamic religion and culture.

Source: Sanatan Prabhat

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