Another Success of HJS : Shows of anti-national play ‘Ali J’ cancelled at Bengaluru

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Hindus should offer gratitude at feet of God for this success !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s strong opposition led to cancellation of shows of the play titled ‘Ali J’ to be staged between 12th and 16th March as there is glorification of Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was responsible for partition of India. The shows staged on 31st January and 1st February were also opposed by HJS; but police did not pay attention. Even this time, police had dismissed HJS demand; but with the help of former MP of Congress Bimba Raikar, additional Secretary of State Home Department, S. K. Patnayak, Bengaluru Police Commissioner was pressurized; therefore, police had to cancel shows of this play. Advocates Vivek, Padmanabh Holla and Shri. Shashikumar who is also ‘RTI’ activist, besides devout Hindus like Shri. Shivashankar, Shankar, Vyankappa Gauda, Kum. Rashmi and HJS activists Sou. Purnima Prabhu, Shri. Chandru Moger and Shri. Jayant joined the drive for cancellation of shows of this play.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Success of HJS : Shows of ‘Ali J’ scheduled to be held at Chennai cancelled

Hindus should offer gratitude at God’s feet for this success !

Chennai : Efforts made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) to cancel shows of a play titled ‘Ali J’ were successful. The play glorifies Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Its show was to take place on 9th March in Chennai. On learning about it, delegation of HJS led by Sou. Uma Anandan met Joint Police Commissioner (JPC) and informed him about the anti-national dialogues and scenes from the said play. It was also warned that agitation would be staged if the show was not cancelled. The JPC promised Sou. Uma Anandan that the show would not be allowed to be staged. Accordingly, on 8th March, the producer of the play was issued a notice, at night, to cancel the show.

HJS opposes show scheduled at Bengaluru !

Shri. Chandru Moger, HJS submitted representation against 'Ali J' at Bengaluru

Shri. Chandru Moger, HJS submitted representation against ‘Ali J’ at Bengaluru

Bengaluru : Shri. Chandru Moger, Coordinator of HJS has written a letter to Police Commissioner, Inspector of White Field Police Station and Election Commissioner explaining HJS’ stand behind opposition to show of the said play scheduled on 12th March. He has also informed them about cancellation of shows at Mumbai and Chennai.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Memorandum submitted by HJS to Bengaluru Police


(1)The  Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru.

(2)The Police Sub-Inspector, Whitefield Police Station, Bengaluru.

(3)The Election Commission, Bengaluru.

Subject:  Cancellation of Anti national and Anti Hindu Drama “Ali J”  to be held at Jagruti Theatre, Whitefield Road, on 12th March, 2014


Namaskara. With regard to the top noted subject we would like to inform you as under:  

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is an NGO working for rekindling righteousness, National Security and Social Service. The details of the organisation’s activities are available on

We have reliably learnt that, the above mentioned Drama will be played in at Jagruti Theatre, Whitefield Road from 12th March to 16th March, 2014.  In the said Drama there are many scenes which are Anti-National, Anti-Hindu and against to the established moral principles of our country.

Due to strong protests from all nationalists and patriotic citizens who came together under the banner of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti this Drama/Play was cancelled at Mumbai, Maharashtra which was scheduled to be held on 6th February, 2014. Similarly said Drama was cancelled at Chennai, State of Tamilnadu on 09.03.2014.  

Similarly, we request your kind self to cancel the said Drama at Bengaluru scheduled to be held at Jagruti Theatre, Whitefield Road from 12th March to 16th March, 2014

We strongly object for said Drama on following valid reasons/grounds:

1. The character Ali J in the drama is based on Late Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a person who divided our nation and many patriotic Indians and Hindus do not like because he was the person who divided our country on Religious basis and created Pakistan.  It is beyond our understanding why efforts are made to glorify Jinnah by showing this Drama?

2. The Character in the drama Mr. Ali J was in jail because of his involvement in Godhra riots.  He says he is arrested because he is Muslim and that is the treatment given to Muslims in India.   Ali J says innocent muslims were killed by Hindus, and Hindus also raped muslim women in Godhra.  It is submitted that, as Godhra matter is ‘sub-judice’ any such play or drama is considered as a  direct attempt to undermine the authority of the established courts of law in India.  Thus, Ali J wants to spread hatred among two religions by using the platform of this Drama.

3. Ali J also performs the character of Kasab (sole perpetrator caught alive in Mumbai carnage) and talks about how Kasab might have felt when he was hanged and how much courage he has shown while he was hanged.  This is an attempt to administer Jihadi  principles through this drama and encouragement to violence against established Government of India and acts akin to that of Mumbai carnage

4. In this drama Ali J also speaks about Babu Bajrangi in the same jail and how he ran on the roads killing muslims, which is again a matter sub-judice which may create hatred among Hindus and Muslims.

5. In this drama it is shown that, Ali J falls in love with a Hindu girl Bharati (which stands for India/Bharat) and also a symbolic glorification of ‘love Jihad’ which is rampant in Karnataka and all other states in India.

6. It is also portrayed in the said Drama that father of Hindu girl Bharati insults Ali J because he is Muslim. This is an attempt to create hatred based on religion.

7. One more character called Mohan is introduced depicting Mahatma Gandhi. It is shown in the drama that, Mohan makes fun of Ali J because he is muslim.

8. The play shows Mahatma Gandhi as a scheming, opportunistic person and very Anti-Muslim. This is a direct attack on the character of Father of our nation.

9. Ali J(Jinnah) makes Bharati(India) pregnant before marriage. The implied meaning is they spoilt Bharat before it was divided and process is continuing. Thus, the drama is against the established moral principles of Indian Society.

10. In the said Drama  after Ali J goes to jail, Bharati marries Mohan, but the child resembles Ali J, meaning India was raped by Jinnah and Gandhi only got left over.

11. Throughout the play Ali J repeatedly talks about being Muslim and ill treatment meted out to Muslims.

12. In the said Dram death sentence of Ali J is pardoned and when he leaves the country, he says he will become a religious Muslim leader fighting for a separate land for Muslim who are suffering under the rule of Hindus in India. This is a serious attempt to create hatred among different religions in India and to create feelings against the integrity and brotherhood in India territory.
13. The play shows Jinnah as a better person than Mahatma Gandhi

14. Ali J by way of Drama justifies Pakistan creation based on religion. Such attempts are prejudicial to the integrity of our country.

All the scenes as mentioned above in the Ali J drama hurt feelings of Indians irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and  may also lead to hatred among different religious groups resulting in Communal Riots.

Hence, we request your kind self to cancel the permission granted for said drama or stop the exhibition of this anti-national and anti-moral drama in the interest of peace and security in Bengaluru city and Karnataka state.


Yours Faithfully,
Chandra Moger
Co-ordinator, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Bengaluru

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