Protest : Show of play ‘Ali J’ glorifying Jinnah to be staged on 6 Feb at Mumbai

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Mumbai : Mohammad Ali Jinnah responsible for partition of India and creation of Pakistan has been glorified in a play titled ‘Ali J’. Show of this play will be staged on 6th February at Max Muller Bhavan. Shows of this play were held on 31st January and 1st February at Bengaluru. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) is protesting against this play. ‘Ali J’ has been produced by ‘Evam Entertainment’ of Tamil Nadu where there is no State Censor Board for plays. But such Board exists in Maharashtra and its permission should be sought for staging the play, say pro-Hindu activists.

Characters from this play

Ali J: This name refers to Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mohan : This character depicts Mohandas Gandhi

Bharati : This character depicts ‘Bharatmata’

Few scenes from the play

1. One character is arrested for his involvement in Godhra arson case and has been sentenced to death punishment.

2. This play has background of creation of Bharat – Pakistan and Ali J is fighting for Bharati.

3. So-called innocent Muslim youth are going towards terrorism for injustice done to them.

4. Mohan is a character shown as a staunch Hindu.

5. Hindus took revenge on hundreds of Muslims at Godhra.

6. One Hindu raped a Muslim woman and has been arrested for the said offence.

7. Mohan marries Bharati; but Ali J is responsible for illegitimate child of Bharati which means that Bharati has been raped.

8. Muslim prisoners are treated inhumanly in Indian prisons.

Cancel shows of ‘Ali J’ as it is anti-national and spreads communal–hatred ! – demand by HJS and patriotic organizations

HJS and other Hindu organizations have demanded that the anti-national play hurting patriotic sentiments of people and spreading communal-hatred should be cancelled. A representation was submitted to Colaba police station by Hindu Samrajya Sena, Vajra Dal, HJS, Sanatan Sanstha, Balgopal Mitra Mandal, Sanghatan Mitra Mandal, Yuva Sena, Hawkers’ Sena etc. and warning was given to hold demonstrations if attempts were made to stage its show. Patriotc Hindus are registering their protest.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


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