Objectionable imaginative scenes in the film Adipurush; Films based on Puranas should be made after studying the Scriptures ! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Teaser of upcoming film Adipurush based on Prabhu Shriram, has been released. There are many objectionable scenes in the film teaser. And of course there are some who are supporting the file also. Ideally, producing a mega film on the life of Prabhu Shriram should be most welcome; however, if while producing it the truth is side-lined and imaginativeness is given prominence, the producer will incur the demerit of imbibing inappropriate history on the society. This is evident from the teaser of Adipurush. The scenes displayed in the film that are totally imaginative and have no relevance to the Puranas are objectionable. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti expresses its discontentment. Prabhu Shriram is the Deity worshipped by the entire Hindu society. A film on Him should be made after studying the Scriptures and not merely based on imagination under freedom of art. This view was expressed by the National Spokesperson of HJS, Mr Ramesh Shinde.

The scenes in the teaser of the film that are objectionable to the Hindus should be studied by the producers to honour the sentiments of the society and make adequate changes. The objectionable issues in the teaser are as mentioned ahead –

1. Showing Deity Hanuman wearing leather outfits and without crown : In this context, the honourable Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr Narottam Mishra has lodged a protest. In the stanzas of Hymn Hanuman Chalisa the attire of Hanuman is also described and hence, it should be accordingly; however, the attire shown in the teaser is different.

2. Hanuman is shown bearded but without a moustache : No Hindu Deities have such hair styles. On the contrary, keeping beard without moustache is Muslim style. Hindu society will never tolerate display of a Hindu Deity thus.

3. Deity Sita wearing sleeveless blouse : Displaying Mother Sita who happens to be Bhudevi (Deity Earth) in such attire is grossly incorrect.

4. Ravan’s personality matching that of Moghuls : Ravan had performed extreme penance and obtained the grace of Deity Shiv; he was Brahman and an eminent scholar; however, ego and evil attitude led to his downfall. He can never be compared to the Moghul invaders.

5. Ravan’s Pushpak plane : This has been shown as an animated cruel bird. It is grossly incorrect.

Director Om Raut has produced good films earlier; therefore, he could have made a sincere attempt in this film as well. However, the above mentioned objectionable scenes were realised from the teaser of the film. There could be more objectionable scenes in the entire film. Hence, HJS is making a demand with Mr Om Raut that he shows the film to Saints and Mahants, students of history, representatives of Hindu organisations and get his doubts cleared and only then release the film. Today there are many film producers who purposefully generate some conflict about their film to raise the curiosity of people and thereby, make money. The Samiti also expects you not to be one among them.

#Boycott_Adipurush : Om Raut’s Adipurush mocks Hindu epic Ramayana

The Islamization of Hindu figures in Adipurush cannot be by accident. The director of the movie Om Raut has earlier worked on the story of Tanaji Malusare. So he is familiar with how Islamic characters are to be depicted. Also the question of oversight does not arise. Again, going back to Tanaji Malusare, the director showed Aurangzeb knitting caps (which he used to sell to make money for his personal needs). So ‘lack of research’ cannot be the excuse for showing Ravan riding a bat, Sita’s modern clothing and Hanuman’s face. Finally creative freedom cannot be an excuse. Our history is not something that is ‘open to interpretation’. It is what it is and if the movie makers cannot respect that they should stay away from Hindu history. – Editor

The much-hyped, mega-budget movie Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Kriti Shanon and Saif Ali Khan is a retelling of the Ramayana. After a short teaser was released on October 2, social media was rife with discussions about the first visuals from the movie. However, unexpectedly, they were mostly negative.

The 1.46-minute teaser, though loaded with a lot of VFX and pleasant visuals of natural landscapes, dropped a lot of unpleasant scenes that made the audience question the logic behind the budget of over 500 crores for making a movie that has all the regular monsters and skeletal demons Hollywood used to portray 10 years back.

Popular YouTuber Deeksha Sharma has said in her review that Prabhas has a weird plastic expression on his face and lacks the ‘Godlike’ charm and calmness that is associated with Vishnu Avatars in Hinduism. She even cited the examples of Saurabh Raj Jain as Krishna in Star Plus’ Mahabharat, Nitesh Bharadwaj in the DD Mahabharat, Arun Govil as Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, and the short but stunning transformation of Ram Charan’s character in RRR.

Sharma pointed out that Lord Ram is the calm, steady, benevolent warrior in the minds of the Indian audience but Prabhas lacks all that. Rather the makers of the movie seem to have invested all their money and focus on giving Prabhas the ‘six pack look’.

Sharma’s review has gathered more than 450,000 views in just 5 hours.

One Twitter user asked why are the makers of Adipurush trying to make Ravan look like ‘Rizwan’. Pointing at the beard and comical expression adorned by Saif Ali Khan in the teaser, he stated that Saif rather looks like Allauddin Khilji.

Saif Ali Khan as Ravan rides a giant monster bat

Among the plethora of misplaced, odd, cheap Hollywood horror movie-inspired visuals were some shots of Ravan’s army. Curiously, Ravan seems to have an army of skeletal, rotten demons, looking like a cross between Dementors from Harry Potter and the wights, the skeletal animated zombies from Game of Thrones. These ones can fly, though.

There is also a hilariously copy-pasted scene of Saif as Ravan riding a giant, monster bat. Social media users were quick to point out that it was a rather stupid attempt to recreate the Night King character from Game of Thrones where he rides a skeletal zombie dragon.

“Is this a movie or a Game?”

Dozens of users have pointed out that it looks less like a movie and more like a new online fantasy game. Similarities of setups with Temple Run 4 were also pointed out.

The fact that Lord Hanuman and the Vanar Sena in general have been reduced to comical, angry monsters was also pointed out by many.

Overall, the teaser of the mega-budget movie looks very disappointing. Sita, the strong, virtuous, brave princess of Mithila has been depicted as a mere damsel in distress. Prabhas, who now has a pan-Indian fan base after Baahubali movies, looks rather expressionless and bland. Saif Ali Khan has stupid, comical expressions totally unbefitting of a mighty, ‘Mahagyani’ king who ruled over even Devas and got blessings from Lord Shiva to gain his powers.

A movie that attempts to retell the story of the Ramayana, with the scale of human emotions, and overwhelming popularity in multiple countries, should have been made with better care and finesse.

Source : OpIndia

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