Shankaracharyas unite to save Lord Rama’s bridge !

Mumbai: Shankaracharyas of all four piths decided to unite in a bid to save Lord Rama’s 17 ½ lakh year old bridge which the central government and government of Tamilnadu together are planning to destroy through a secret plot. The ‘Dainik Samna’ has published a news item in which it states that all the four Shankaracharyas have given a call to Hindus all over the country to stand up to the cause of preserving this bridge.

Under the pretext of implementing the project ‘Setu Samudram Shipping Canal’ an attempt is being made to destroy a Hindu seat of worship. An satellite picture of Lord Rama’s bridge clicked by the NASA in the sea, off the coast of Rameshwaram stretching upto 30 kilometers is testimony to the presence of the bridge. It has been discovered that to facilitate traffic of ships a plan to demolish about 4 ½ kilometers of the bridge has been chalked out. The government justifies this stand with the excuse that this demolition will reduce 650 kilometers of distance covered by ships along the Tamilnadu coastline. The Shankaracharya of the Puri hermitage, H.H. Swami Nischalanand Saraswati has vehemently opposed this demolition with an accusation that this is only a mutual agreement.

He has emphasized on how this bridge is important from the cultural, geographical, scientific and defense point of view. This is an architectural wonder of Nal and Nil based on the ‘Vaastushastra’. He also stated that this bridge prevented the tsunami from advancing from Rameshwaram to Kerala. If demolished it will be a security threat to the country, as the LTTE will have easy access into the country. Besides the fishing community will suffer immensely. If a part of the bridge is demolished the entire bridge may collapse. If someone seeks demolition of a part of the Taj Mahal will that be permitted is a query which the Puri Shankaracharya asks the government?

This Shankaracharya recently met the President Mr. Abdul Kalam at his official residence and submitted a memorandum to him upon which the President assured that he being a native of Rameshwaram himself would probe into what was occurring there is what Mr. Dhananjay Vaidya national president of the Puri hermitage told newsmen. The Shankaracharyas of the other three hermitages viz. Badri, Dvarka, and Shrungeri have stood by this Shankaracharya’s stand on this issue.

An attempt to offend Hindus

The drill which is being used to demolish the bridge is named ‘Jai Hanuman’. Thus  as declared by the hermitage this is a direct attempt to humiliate Hindus. Two such machines taken there have broken down. The government should take a lesson or two from this is what the hermitage has to say.

The Puri hermitage beckons the Shiva Sena Chief to pay attention to this

The Puri hermitage Sanstha has beckoned Shri.Balasaheb Thakre, the Shiva Sena Chief to look into this as according to it he is the only political leader in India who has never compromised when it has come to Hindu values. If in this agitation to save the bridge he is with us then we will certainly succeed is the faith they have reposed in the Shiva Sena Chief. It has requested Shri. Uddhav Thakre the commander-in-chief of the Shiva Sena to participate in this mission. This anti-Hindu attitude of the central government has been exposed by the ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ through various news items and editorials. In fact for the past two years the ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ has been undertaking the task of creating awareness and revolutionizing the thinking pattern of Hindus.

(O Hindus even chiefs of all Shankaracharya hermitages are uniting to save Lord Rama’s bridge, what are you doing?

Despite there being several alternatives to solve this problem in today’s world with modern technology, the only reason to demolish Lord Rama’s bridge is nothing but hatred for Hindus! This is clear beyond doubt. O Hindu brethren wake up at least now and teach these anti-Hindus a lesson. – Editor)

Source:  ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’

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