Hindus should come together so that a Kashmir like situation does not arise in the whole country! – H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj

125 devout Hindu from Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur present for the Regional Hindu Rashtra Convention in Kolhapur !

H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj

Kolhapur, Maharashtra :Bharat is not far from turning into a Kashmir. So to avoid such a situation, we have to make efforts to remain alert. Times are changing and an environment conducive to Hindu Dharma is being created. Hence, Hindus should leave aside cast, creed, party and sect, and come together as Hindus. Such an appeal was made by HBP Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj from Satara, Maharashtra. He was speaking at the inaugural function of the Regional Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan held at Gurukripa Hall on May 8.

H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj also said, “Now the time is changing. The Uniform Civil Code has been enacted in Uttarakhand. Remember that Paratpar Guru Dr Jayant Athavale and Lord Krishna are there to support you, so don’t back down while doing Dharmakarya. Left-wingers are trying to prevent Hindus from coming together, so we must grow the Hindu unity without falling prey to it. We are all servitors of God and Dharma. In Muslim-dominated Indonesia, the queen’s daughter has accepted Hinduism, and also the people around the world are realizing the importance of Hinduism. Hence, being Hindus, we must give time for preserving and protecting Dharma”.

Dr (Smt.) Shilpa Kothavale, Sadguru (Sushri) Swati Khadye, H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj (lighting the lamp) and Shri. Manoj Khadye

On this occasion, Sadguru (Sushri) Swati Khadye (Dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha), Dr (Smt.) Shilpa Kothavale (61% spiritual level) and Shri. Manoj Khadye were present. Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint H.H. (Smt.) Mandakini Dagwar was also present. 125 devout Hindus from Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur took part in this Adhiveshan.

A solid base of spiritual practice is necessary to effectively work for the Nation & Dharma! – Sadguru (Sushri) Swati Khadye, Dharmapracharak, Sanatan Sanstha

Sadguru (Sushri) Swati Khadye

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is ideal for us and we must try to emulate him! Let us encourage activists to perform spiritual practice while serving in our respective organizations. Lord Parshuram had both Brahmatej and Kshatratej. Hence, in order to work for the Nation & Dharma, one must have spiritual strength, said Sadguru (Sushri) Swati Khadye, Dharma Pracharak of Sanatan Sanstha.

We should not sit quietly till all the encroachments on Vishalgad are removed! – Yuvraj Katkar, Vice President, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Kolhapur

On Vishalgad, there were encroachments in 64 locations, and some of these encroachments were issued notices. However, owing to pressure from district and taluka leaders, no further action was taken against them. This fort has a large number of infiltrators, some of them may be Bangladeshis. After I began the agitation, false complaints were made to the government. MNS district president Yuvraj Katkar remarked, “We will not back down till all encroachments on Vishalgad are eliminated.”In the first session, he discussed the need of preserving historical forts.

60% of the state’s forts have been encroached upon by jihadis! – Ranjit Gharpankar, President, Maratha Tituka Milwava Pratishthan

The ‘Maratha Tituka Milvava Pratishthan’ was established to protect the state’s forts. The classical cannons from the fort are being conserved. In the Kolhapur district, the forts of Panhala and Vishalgad have been severely Islamized, and jihadis have encroached upon 60% of the state’s forts. Through our organization, we have gotten the Goddess ‘Waghjai’ temple in Vishalgad rebuilt, and in the near future, the Nrusinha temple would be restored.

Vice President of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Shri. Yuvraj Katkar said, “We will not rest until all encroachments on Vishalgad are removed!”

Establishment of ‘Anti-Halal Jihad Action Committee’!

Shri. Manoj Khadye stated that ‘Halal Jihad Virodhi Kriti Samiti’ has been formed and that this committee would meet every 15 days.

Attendees participating in the group discussion at the Regional Hindu Rashtra Convention in Kolhapur
Welcome board of the Convention

Notable points from other sessions

1. Shri. Lakhan Jadhav, Pradhan Acharya, Savyasachi Gurukulam, Kolhapur – Science of War was created not only for wartime use but also for self-defence. On this occasion, I urge the younger generation to study the art of war and take up Shastra and Shaastra training (weapons and scriptures) in order for India to achieve significant development.

2. Shri. Deepak Patel, Businessman, Ishwarpur, District Sangli – After coming to this Adhiveshan, I learned what it means to truly love Dharma. I have decided to share this immense knowledge that I learned here.

Special Mentions

1. A differently-abled devout Hindu from Karad, Shri. Rajesh Chandak (age 53), attended the convention.

2. H.B.P. Krishnarao Kshirsagar Maharaj shouted slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, ‘Gomata Ki Jai’, etc that charged the atmosphere with Kshatrabhav.

Editor’s Note

Patriots and devout Hindus, do not tolerate jihadi encroachment on our forts that contain the glorious history of our ancestors!

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