Active participation of traders and businessmen in Ratnagiri District against ‘Halal Economy’ !

Congratulations to the traders and businessmen who are now standing up against the halal economy! – Editor,

Ratnagiri : The profits from halal products are being used by Islamic banks to increase productivity, provide financial support to producers of halal products and to gain control of the global market through ‘Halal Certificates’. Shri. Manoj Khadye of the HJS has been creating awareness through ‘Sampark Abhiyans’ regarding the Halal Economy across Gujarat, Western Maharashtra and Konkan districts. Businessmen, traders, pro-Hindu and debout Hindus from all walks of life participated in this campaign. Many of them showed their willingness to take an active part in the fight against the halal economy. Shri. Vinod Gadikar of the HJS was also present for these awareness campaigns.

Shri. Manoj Khadye


A meeting of businessmen was held at Shri. Tushar Devalekar’s worshop in MIDC here, on the issue of ‘Halal Certification’. The feedback received from the attendees is given here.

A. Shri. Tushar Devalekar, Venus Industries, Ratnagiri: I will tell every businessman who comes to me about this, and I will try to arrange for Manoj Khadye’s guidance again by bringing together 50 to 60 people.

B. Shri. Satish Pednekar, Owner, Vijay Engineering, Ratnagiri: I own an food processing unit. I don’t need this halal certificate. There are 70% Hindus in this country. So my products will be easily distributed in the market. I will always contribute to this work.

C. Shri. Anil Deole: There are 65 workers in our factory. We will also create awareness in them about this. We, in our family, all chant for half an hour every night and collectively chant every Sunday for the nation and Dharma. We sponsor ‘Sanatan Panchang’ and give it to our staff and other consumers for free. Since Shri. Harishchandra Vengurlekar is a non-corrupt officer, the businessmen in this MIDC area are stable. This is a very significant thing.


A meeting of various businessmen was held in the conference hall of Sahastra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd here. Shri. Anand Bagwe, Director of RSD Polymer Pvt. Ltd was inspired by this meeting and has pledged to organize a similar meeting for his acquaintances in Mumbai.

Siddharth Ajay Mehta, Director of Yojana Intermediate Pvt. Ltd, shared his experience of ‘Halal’ food while working in the Supreme Court. He also expressed his willingness to participate in the activities of the Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad. Shri. Mehta also enthusiastically replied to some of the queries regarding the Halal Certification system. He said that he wants to participate in the work of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

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