Ban Salman Khurshid’s book comparing ‘Hindutva’ with terrorism : Memoranda submitted by HJS at various places

Impose ban on Salman Khurshid’s book for comparing ‘Hindutva’ with terrorism ! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

  • Memoranda submitted by HJS at Gadhinglaj, Belgaum, Khanapur  and Kolhapur district

  • Office bearers of Pro-Hindu organisations, parties, and activists present on the occasion

Take action against the religious fanatics who are disturbing the law and order situation in the State leading to anarchy! – Editor,

HJS activists and devout Hindus handing over the memorandum to Mr S M Pargi, an officer from District Collector’s office

Kolhapur : A book titled ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya: Nationhood in our times’ written by a Congress leader Salman Khurshid wherein he has compared ‘Hindutva’ with terrorism, should be banned; action should be taken against the religious fanatics who disturbed law and order situation in the State, and impose a ban on Raza Academy for inciting the fanatics, were some of the demands made through the memorandum submitted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) at the office of the Regional Officer at Gadhinglaj. The memorandum was accepted by Mr Shivaji Bhosale, a clerk in that office and the activists present were Mr Janardan Desai, Mr Sanjiv Chavan, Mr Waman Bilavar, and Mrs Sudha Bilawar.

Memorandum submitted in Belgaum, and Khanapur in Karnataka

1. A similar memorandum was submitted to Mr S M Pargi, an officer at the District Collector’s office at Belgaum (Karnataka) by Mr Sadanand Masekar, Mrs Akkatai Sutar, and Mrs Milan Pawar of ‘Kartavya Mahila Mandal’, besides Mr Sudhir Herekar of HJS.

2. Tehsildar Reshma Talikoti accepted the memorandum at Khanapur from Mr Sushant Wargawade, Mr Sambhaji Chavan, and Hanamant Honagekar of HJS; besides Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers.


Kolhapur : 1.Tehsildar Santosh Kanase receiving the memorandum 2. Sambhajirao Bhokare and other pro-Hindu activists handing over the memorandum

Kolhapur : A memorandum was submitted by Hindu Janjagaruti Samiti (HJS) on 15.11.2021 at various places in Kolhapur district demanding imposition of a ban on the book titled ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya: Nationhood in our times’ by Congress leader Salman Khurshid in which he has compared ‘Hindutva’ with terrorism. HJS has demanded action against religious fanatics for disturbing law and order in the State and creating an anarchic situation; besides demanding imposition of a ban even on Raza Academy which incited the fanatics.

Devout Hindu activists gathered outside the District Collector’s office, Kolhapur

1. The memorandum was submitted to Tehasildar Santosh Kanase at District Collector’s office at Kolhapur by devout Hindu activists viz. Mr Sambhajirao Bhokare, Dy District-Chief of Shiv Sena, its Karveer Taluka-Chief Raju Yadav, Mr Satish Patil, the President of ‘Tanta-Mukti Samiti’ at Shiroli, Mr Suresh Yadav, the District-President of Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan and Mr Rahul Nagtilak, Yuva Sena Karveer Taluka Chief Santosh Chaugule, Shiv Sena Dy Taluka-Chief Ashok Patil, Shiv Sena’s Dattatreya Vibhute, Uttam Patil, and Arjun Chaugule; besides HJS activists viz. Shivananda Swami, Vipul Bhopaley, Deepak Katavare, and Babasaheb Bhopaley.

Tehsildar Shilpa Thokade (on left) of Kagal receiving a memorandum from devout Hindu activists

2. Similar memorandum was submitted to Tehsildar Shilpa Thokade at Kagal by Shri Shivapratishtan Hindustan’s Vijay Arekar, Sushant Shinde, and Vijay Shete; Kagal Dy city-Chief Prabhakar Thorat, Bajarang Dal’s Vinayak Awale, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh’s Dilip Patil, ‘Gou-seva Samiti’s Rajendra Bhoje, BJP’s Eknath Patil, Ranadeviwadi Gram Panchayat member Pradip Khot, Macchindra Sankpal, a social worker; Pimplegaon’s ‘Gou-seva Samiti’s Babaso Kut, businessman Pramod Arekar, Ajay Lohar, Ramchandra Patil, Vipul Mahanto, and HJS’ Santosh Sanagar.

Another memorandum demanding an inquiry into people staging riots in Maharashtra to protest against incidents happening in Tripura was also submitted on behalf of all pro-Hindu organisations to Kagal Tehsildar.

Sr clerk Ashwini Adsule (on left) at Hupri receiving the memorandum from devout Hindu activists

3. The memorandum was received by senior clerk Ashwini Adsule at Hupri from devout Hindu activists viz. Mr Nitin Kakade, Nikhil Kambale, Pramod Kudalkar, and Vijay Methe of Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan, Mr Ravidnra Gaikwad of ‘Shri Sadguru Bahu-uddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha’ from Hupri, Pramod Desai, Ganesh Ghorpade, Sagar Chavan, Amit Kakde, Arjun Ghorpade, Shiv Sena’s Dy. city-Chief Bharat Methe and HJS activist Santosh Sanagar.

Naib Tehsildar Sanjay Kambale (on left) receiving the memorandum from devout Hindu activists

4. Naib Tehsildar Sanjay Kambale received the memorandum at Ajra from devout Hindu activists viz. Sanjay Patil, Sanatan Prabhat’s reader Ms Sheetal Patil, HJS activists Anandrao Sathe, Shankar Patekar, and Kum Pravin Patil, etc.

Shahuwsdi’s Naib Tehsildar Ravindra More (on right) was handed over the memorandum by devout Hindu activists

5. The memorandum was accepted by Naib Tehsildar Ravindra More of Shahuwadi from Chandrakant Mapasekar, ‘Vaidya’ Sanjay Gandhi, and Sudhakar Mirajkar.

6. Similar online memoranda were submitted to Panhala, Radhanagari, Chandgad, Shirol, Hatkanangale, Bhudargad, and Gaganbawda

Sangli : A memorandum was submitted for the above demands by HJS on 15.11.2021 at Sangli District Collector’s office.

Memoranda submitted in Solapur and Dharashiv districts

1. On 16.11.2021, a memorandum was submitted at the District Collector’s office at Solapur.

Dy District Collector Shivkumar Swami receiving the memorandum at Dharashiv from HJS activists

2. HJS submitted a memorandum to Dy District Collector Shivkumar Swami of Dharashiva by Bhagavan Shriname, Santosh Pimple, Vishwas Landage.

Tuljapur Tehsildar Saudagar Tandale receiving the memorandum at Tuljapur (Dist Dharashiva) from HJS activists

3. Tehsildar Saudagar Tandale received the memorandum at Tuljapur (Dist. Dharashiv) from devout Hindu activists viz. Umesh Kadam, Amit Kadam, Deepak Palange, etc.

Hindu and Hindutva is the same; pro-Muslim Congress opposes both !

There is no difference between India and Indianness or mother and motherhood. Similarly, there cannot be any differentiation between Hindu and ‘Hindutva’. Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khurshid may try to explain how ‘Hinduism’ is different from ‘Hindutva’, but Hindus will not be misled by such explanations. Had the Congress leaders felt true love for Hindu Dharma, they wouldn’t have insulted Hindu Dharma by arguing that Bhagavan Shriram and Shrikrushna were fantasies or talked about the threat of saffron terrorism to this country. They would have raised their voice against the persecution of Hindus in Kashmir, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They have, however, not done anything of this sort, but have started temple-tourism with an eye on elections. The Congress leaders are even humiliating Hindus by comparing them with ‘Boko-Haram’ and terrorists from ISIS. Now, Congress is trying to show their Hindu hatred by painting it in a light colour and by claiming that ‘Hindutva’ and Hinduism are two different things. These Congress leaders should remember that Hindus cannot be misled by such talk. If the Congress leaders truly feel any affinity towards Hindu Dharma, they should ask Salman Khurshid to withdraw his book and render an apology to all Hindus. It is also our demand with the Government that a ban should be imposed on Salman Khurshid’s book titled ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya: Nationhood in our times’, just as the Government has imposed a ban on controversial books on other religions such as ‘Da Vinci Code’, ‘The Satanic Verses’, etc.

Read More : Salman Khurshid compares Hindutva to jihadi groups ISIS, Boko Haram in new book

Congress should talk about the difference between Islam and jihadi terrorism !

While talking about Hindu terrorism, the Congress leaders differentiate between ‘Hindutva’ and ‘Hinduism’, but they never utter a word about jihadi terrorists who are troubling the whole world with their terrorist activities. Why don’t these leaders talk about the difference between Islam and jihadi terrorism? That time, they try to appease Muslims by making comments like ‘terrorism has no religion; no religion teaches terrorism’, etc; therefore, the pro-Muslim Congress should first clearly talk about jihadi terrorism.

Rahul Gandhi had immediately cried about the so-called attack on Muslims in Tripura; however, he has never said anything about inhumane attacks on innocent Hindus from Bangladesh during the Navaratri festival. It proves that the Congress has only apathy towards Hindus and the Congressmen show their fake interest in Hindu Dharma only at the time of elections; just like the demoness, Putana had exhibited her fake love towards baby Shrikrushna.

Special online discussions on ideological terrorism of Congress !

The disrespect shown by Salman Khurshid through his book is ‘Pan Islam’! – Mr Suresh Chavanke, Chief Editor, Sudarshan channel

In his book, Congress leader Salman Khurshid has compared ‘Hindutva’ with terrorism. This comparison should be seen from a religious angle instead of a political angle. It is not just an issue related to Congress ideology but it is also the agenda of ‘Pan Islam’. (Pan Islam is a political movement which advocates Islamic rule); therefore, it is an attempt to carry on their jihadi movement through various means like books, films, poetry, etc. It is an ideological terrorism of Congress. The policies of Congress are based on Hindu-hatred. It should be noted that visiting temples, fasting during Navaratri, etc are just election gimmicks. So, rather than giving explanation on such accusations, Hindus should pay attention to achieve their goal, stated Mr Suresh Chavanke, the Chief Editor of ‘Sudarshan’ channel during the special online discussions held on the topic of ideological terrorism of Congress.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) also held an online agitation against the objectionable statements made by Congress through its leaders. Under this drive, a board was displayed condemning Congress and a memorandum was submitted to the Government in this context. Hindus came together and spontaneously responded to #Congress_Hates_Hindutva, a trend on Twitter, by posting more than 20000 tweets. Read More

Complaints filed against Salman Khurshid for allegedly defaming Hinduism in his book

11 November 2021

Two Delhi lawyers have filed complaints with Delhi Police against Khurshid, for allegedly defaming and comparing Hinduism with terrorism in his book. Advocate Vivek Garg in his complaint is seeking to file a case against Khurshid.

Advocate Vineet Jindal in his complaint said that the statement published in the said book is not only instigating and provoking but also stirring emotions among followers of the Hindu religion. Read More

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